The Strangest Medicinal Marijuana Products Around the World

Medicinal marijuana is used around the world. It is already legal throughout many states, and it has been used in an array of countries for quite some time. The number of THC-laced products out there is growing, and some are quite strange. They can still provide the benefits, but it isn’t always about smoking marijuana in order to reap the rewards. Beef Jerky In California, there is a company that has created what is known as “reef jerky.” Within a ½ ounce serving, there is 134 mg of cannabinoids. One of the appeals to this jerky is that it is low in carbs. The added bonus is that it can be consumed on the go. Soda Many people across America are fans of soft drinks, and now there is a THC-in

Where is Medical Marijuana Legal?

Many people hear about medical marijuana being legalized around the country, but it’s not available in all 50 states. This means you have to be realistic about where you can go and be able to get it. More importantly, you have to know what states you can visit with it on your person and not get in trouble for it, even if it is being used for medicinal purposes and you have a prescription for it. Where It’s Legal Medical marijuana is legal in quite a few states across the United States, particularly on the west coast. This includes Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and New Mexico. Hawaii and Alaska have legalized medical marijuana as well and there are quite a few New England states tha

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