The Pros and Cons of Pot Becoming Legal in Colorado

Marijuana has been legal in Colorado since September 9, 2013, making it possible for people to go into a dispensary and purchase retail marijuana without any kind of prescription. Now, almost 3 years later, it is important to look at the different pros and cons behind the legalization. The Pros The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has helped to improve the economy. Throughout the creation of various dispensaries, it has also brought in many more jobs. This includes security teams, marketing teams, packaging, and more. It has created a huge boost to the economy, providing benefits for many people who didn’t even realize that there was a place for them, including plumbers and HVAC. Colora

Painkiller Deaths Down in States where Medical Marijuana is Legalized

The list of side effects from pharmaceutical painkillers is nothing new. Many people form addictions to these painkillers, particularly those who suffer from chronic pain. Painkiller deaths can be relatively common –though the number of deaths has dropped by approximately 25% in states where medical marijuana is legal. A recent study from the JAMA Internal Medicine journal focused on this very issue. The study revealed a particular benefit found within the states where medical cannabis is now legal. That benefit being that there are fewer deaths related to pharmaceutical painkiller usage, which suggests that many people who would rely on big pharmaceutical companies for pain relief are now t

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