Medical Marijuana Legalization Won’t Make More Teens Smoke

Legalization efforts are everywhere and opponents are cringing at the notion, with arguments such as more teens will have access to marijuana and thus will abuse it. Although that is a compelling argument, recent studies from Columbia University suggest otherwise. These studies have looked at the effect legalization has in states such as Colorado, and how actual use changes once legalization has been implemented. What they found was pretty remarkable. The percentage of use among people over 25 increased 1.2% after legalization. The percentage of use among teens and young adults aged 12 to 25 did not increase after legalization due to the fact that most had no clue marijuana was more readily

Marijuana Colors and What They Mean

Ever wondered about the difference in the colors of marijuana? Marijuana is green, but if you look close enough, the leaves will be different colors such as red, yellow, purple and blue. These colors are actually pigment molecules. What are pigment molecules? Pigment molecules come in many varieties from molecules such as porphyrins, carotenoids, anthocyanins, and betalains. These pigments come from reaction to light and physiological and biological functions. It sounds complicated, but an easy way to put it is if you see yellow leaves on your marijuana it is correlated with the same pigment molecules in sunflowers, which in this case would be carotenoids. How Does Marijuana Choose What Colo

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