5 Things You Need To Know About California Marijuana Laws

We all know marijuana is finally legal in California. Of course, after a few days we all realized we really couldn’t buy marijuana in a shop until 2018 and until a bill of regulations was compiled. The new bill has been compiled and is expected to be completely done by October. Here is how the upcoming marijuana laws are looking. Driving and Marijuana Before legalization, driving with marijuana in your car without a prescription was a huge risk. Just the smell alone would give police officers probable cause to search your vehicle. Now, although laws are set to be more lax, they are pretty much on the lines of having alcohol in your car. Technically you are not allowed to have an open contain

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Marijuana

If you’re even running low on marijuana and looking to conserve, these methods can help you get the most out of your supply. Gravity Bong A gravity bong is one of the most effective ways to inhale everything possible out of your marijuana because it keeps the smoke concentrated and ready for you to inhale all of it if you can. They are called gravity bongs because it uses gravity to keep all the smoke concentrated in a bottle container. To make a gravity bong you will need a 2 liter bottle container and aluminum foil. Make a thumb sized hole on the bottom side of the bottle. Then make a hole on the bottle cap. Use the aluminum foil to make a bowl. Cover the hole at the bottom with your thumb

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