5 Best Vape Pens of 2017

Are you having a hard time finding for the right vape pen for you? That can be the case when there seem to be hundreds of options. With one review telling you great things and another telling you about a disastrous experience, the search for the right pen can become quite frustrating. With that being said, we’ve researched and compiled a list of the five best vape pens of 2017. G Pen Quartz If you are a beginner to the vape pen game, then the G Pen Quartz is the right pen for you. With dual quartz coil, all-black color, and ability to produce nice vapor clouds. The G Pen Quartz is reasonably priced at $70. Atmos Kiln RA The best thing about the Atmos is you don’t get skimped out on flavor. A

Professional Athletes Support Marijuana

Marijuana may be legal in states like California and Colorado, but it is still illegal in a sense. For example, a drug test for a new job in California or Colorado will still test you for marijuana use despite you being allowed to consume it. Same applies in the professional sports world in a sense. Professional sports seasons take quite a toll on athletes’ bodies. For many years athletes have relied on opioids and painkillers for pain relief. The problem with opioids and painkillers is that they can lead to abuse and addiction, which can lead to death. The pending solution to this problem in the sports world is marijuana, which is banned in most professional sports leagues. Recently there w

Marijuana Courses Being Offered At Universities

Marijuana isn’t only for smoking nowadays. You can actually learn about it in university courses in many forms, from the science of it to the business side of things. This is no publicity stunt. From small colleges to some for-profit universities to neighboring UC Davis, these course are real. UC Davis School of Medicine chair of physiology and membrane biology stated in a press release, “The timing could not be better to give students the opportunity to have a profound understanding about the physiology and medical implications of cannabis use.” This isn’t the only way reputable universities are getting involved in the marijuana industry. LSU recently has established a relationship with a p

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