Most Popular Edibles in California

Edibles are a popular way to use medical marijuana, because they are typically very easy to use and can be highly effective. There are so many types of edibles, with something in almost any flavor. Many medicinal marijuana users enjoy consuming THC-infused sweets like cookies, brownies, or candy. These are some of the most popular edibles in California that you will find while browsing. Kushy Punch Cannabis Infused Gummies - 100mg These fruit-flavored gummies made by KushyPunch are designed to produce an effect within 60 minutes, and are made with no artificial sweeteners. They contain the terpene-heavy KushyPunch full spectrum oil, which captures every part of the plant. This includes THC,

7 More Popular Weed Strains in California

In the early days of marijuana in California, there were only a few strains available for smokers to enjoy. This was because most of the marijuana consumed in California was smuggled in from Latin America and Asia. It went by names like Acapulco Gold and Thai Stick. As time went on, breeders began crossing the few strains that were available and created new hybrid strains. Today, there are hundreds if not thousands of different strains in California's now legal marijuana market. However, only some of them can claim to be Cali's most popular. Sour Diesel Marijuana that smells like diesel or gas is very popular in California and the rest of the states. Sour Diesel, also known as SD or Sour D,

Most Popular Marijuana Strains in California

The legislation in sunny California continues to pass laws favorable for recognizing the individual rights of its residents. This is an important part of a Republic that is governed by the people and for the people. Respect for individual needs has led to the growth of the cannabis industry and the availability of many exclusive cannabis strains. While strains like White Widow, Blueberry, G-13 Hash Plant, and Kali Mist were once the most popular strains in California and Europe, newer hybrid strains are taking over the landscape that add even more exotic elements. California has recently passed laws for cannabis shops to ensure the potency and consistency of the buds that they sell by having

How to Roll the Perfect Joint

Rolling a joint seems like a talent that all stoners are born with. The most talented among us can make the most exquisite joints in a matter of minutes. If you’re hoping to join their ranks or simply step up your smoker game, you too can learn the secret art of joint rolling. Learning How to Roll a Joint Rolling a joint isn’t difficult in theory, but getting your hands around the entire process takes a bit of practice. This how-to will discuss how to roll a joint, as well as some key tips to keep in mind as you learn. Materials You’ll Need: Rolling papers Product Material for the Crutch Grinder Rolling the Blunt Ready to get started? Follow these instructions to start rolling the perfect jo

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