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710 LABS | Live Rosin Pods | 500mg

710 LABS | Live Rosin Pods | 500mg


710 Labs takes the famous Live Rosin extraction into a convient dab from a pen. No Distillate, No Alterations. These 710 Labs Live Rosin Pods are high terpenes. 710 Labs celebrates the plant's naturally produced cannabinoids and flavors without using distillate or alterations. Their sustainable practices and naturally nutrient-dense soil crawling with life. 710's vape is a high terpene fraction of their live rosin extract, only using medical-grade materials with no heavy metal leaching into the hash.

Class: Tier 2 Live Rosin
Storage: Separate the pod from the battery and store the pod in the fridge. When ready to use it, let it warm to room temperature and add it back to the battery before taking a hit from your vape. Never store in a hot car. It is best to keep it in a temperature-controlled room or fridge (60-65ºF).

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