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KRYPTED | Medicated E-Juice | 250mg Bottle

KRYPTED | Medicated E-Juice | 250mg Bottle


Krypted Inc Medicated E-Juice is 2016 HighTimes Award-Winner in the Best New Product Line in the Cannabis Market. The premium 1 oz Bottle of Medicated E-juice is made from solvent-free vapor distillery. To medicate with a full flavorful burst menu, offers a convenient and discreet way to vaporize. Krypted Medicated E-Juice can be utilize conveniently with majority of technology in the vape market, dripping on coils or tanks.


Available in 250mg & 500mg: 

Cake Batter - Sweet Kitchen Creation that will get you baked!

Gods Gift - Apple Cinnamon Twist to the American Classic

OG Sherbert - Orange and Lime Citrus Twist and a hint of uplifting Vanilla. 

Strawberry Banana - Ripe Strawberries and Creamy Banana is timeless! 

Tangie Dream - Citrus Phenome packs a punch!



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