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CBD May Be Healthier Than Regular Marijuana

CBD is has become the buzz in recent years because of its health benefits for users. Studies found that mice that were given a dose combo of CBD and marijuana had no negative effects, in contrast to those who were just given a dose of marijuana. The negative effects on some mice that were given marijuana was increased anxiety and memory loss.

Regular marijuana by no means is bad, but as the years have passed, the THC level in marijuana has increased by 300%. The effects of CBD are being studied heavily. CBD is being studied for its health benefits and if it counteracts the negative effects of THC. Preclinical trials of CBD have shown it to be very beneficial and can be possibly regarded as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, neuroprotectant, anxiolytic, antidepressant, anti-psychotic, anti-tumoral agent, and analgesic.

This recent study divided the mice into five groups, both young and adults:

  • One group that received THC only

  • One group that received CBD only

  • One group that received a placebo

  • One group that received both THC and CBD

  • One group that received nothing

What the study found is that the group with THC only had increased anxiety and memory loss, while the group with both THC and CBD had no negative effects. The study overall suggested that marijuana may have negative effects on adolescents, but hardly or not long-term on adults.

Of course this is mice we are talking about and they can’t really be compared to humans. But as the influx of CBD products continue, it shows that CBD may be the wiser and better choice when it comes to healthier marijuana consumption.

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