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Difference Between Fake & Original Vape Cartridges

Difference Between Fake & Original Vape Cartridges

No one likes to find out the products they purchased are counterfeit. A fake pair of brand-name sunglasses or shoes just isn’t worth the money. So, it’s safe to say that a lot of people are bummed out over the rise in fake vape cartridges on the market.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell the difference between real and fake cartridges. Logos and labels might look identical. From first glance, you might not be able to tell whether or not your vape is legit. But that second glance is important. Know the difference between fake and original vape cartridges to protect your investment - and keep yourself safe.

The Dangers of A Fake Vape Pen

These fake vapes aren’t just lying about where they came from. The product may not contain as much THC as they say. So what are you paying for in the first place?

Even if authenticity or THC content isn’t a big deal, you should still try and buy legit vapes. Counterfeit products aren’t just lame - they can be dangerous.

Know What You’re Vaping

Various vape brands have already come under fire for lying about what is in their vapes. People want organic cannabis - no pesticides, and a clean inhale. When you purchase a fake vape, you run the risk of inhaling all types of icky materials that haven’t been approved. After all, there is still a lot of research to be done when it comes to authentic vapes. You have no idea what’s in a fake cart.

Leaky Stuff

You won’t have to worry about what you’re vaping if it all leaks out of your cartridge. One of the most common complaints about fake vape cartridges is that the oil can leak out and cause a mess. Leaking may cause the release of dangerous fumes.

How’s That Battery?

A crummy battery might not work - or worse, it could malfunction or explode. Multiple cases of exploding vape pens have already made the news or made their way into courtrooms. Don’t be the next person to suffer burns or other injuries from a bad battery.

Make sure that you’re always buying real cartridges.

Know What You’re Vaping

What Fake Vape Cartridges Should I Look Out For?

If you buy any of the big names in vaping, you should consider the risk of coming across fake cartridges. Counterfeit manufacturers have produced tons of fake carts and pens, copying the following brands:

  • Brass Knuckles

  • Stiiizy

  • King Pen

  • Heavy Hitters

  • Dank

  • Connected Cannabis Co.

How Do I Know My Vape Cartridge Is Fake?

Small, subtle signs will tell you that your vape is not legit. Before you buy, take a thorough look at the packaging for your vape. The following clues should be big alarm bells.

Spelling Errors

Fake Brass Knuckles cartridges have been around for a while. A big batch of them featured a misspelled word: “Hybird.” If you see a misspelled word on your vape pen, feel free to laugh at it. Send a photo around on social media. Then put it down or demand a refund.

Do Some Research

Take a look online or on social media for picture of counterfeit labels and pens. Save a collection of these photos on your phone the next time you buy a vape. Compare the photos before you hand anyone money for a possibly fake pen.

Different Color Packaging

Sometimes it’s just blatantly obvious that a vape is fake. Most of Stiiizy’s packaging is white with green marijuana leaves. Counterfeit manufacturers a while back decided to sell fake Stiiizy vapes with a black package. While the black packaging was advertised online as a special version of the vape, Stiiizy came out to say that users should avoid them at all cost. If something is super off about your vape, check the brand’s website before you buy. Unless they have a promotion with new products, don’t believe the hype.

Super Cheap Vapes

Is that price too good to be true? Probably. Fake vapes are so popular partly because they’re so cheap. Counterfeit sellers may buy and sell these vapes wholesale - that’s a big red flag. A Louis Vuitton purse priced at $20 is probably fake, right? So is a vape cartridge that is exorbitantly low.

Tips for Avoiding Fake Vape Cartridges

Tips for Avoiding Fake Vape Cartridges

It can be honestly hard to spot a fake vape cartridge. Manufacturers are getting better and better at replicating the original packaging. The best way to avoid fake cartridges are to be safe and go through legitimate carriers from the beginning.

Don’t Buy Vapes From Instagram.

Just don’t. This is one of the top ways that counterfeit vapes get into the hands of consumers. If you live near a dispensary, go to a brick-and-mortar location for your vapes. If you don’t...find a better source than someone you met on the Internet.

Know Which Dispensaries Are Licensed.

Fake vapes aren’t just a product of the Internet. With the legalization of marijuana came a rise in unlicensed dispensaries. These “fake” dispensaries may sell some legitimate products - but don’t trust them. We know the prices are hard to beat, but stay safe.

Your favorite vape brand probably has a list of retailers on its website. If you don’t see the shop down the street on the website, buy your vape somewhere else.

If you want products delivered, check weedmaps or other sources to make sure the products are legitimate. Weedmaps goes through each marijuana business and verifies legitimate products. If you can’t seem to find a source that approves of the dispensary you’re buying from, it’s time to switch dispensaries.

Keep Previous Packaging To Compare.

Once you’ve taken out your legit pen and cartridge, keep the packaging in a safe place. That way, you can compare it side-by-side, with your own eyes, to product that may be fake.

Keep Previous Packaging To Compare

Report Counterfeit Products

Vape manufacturers want to know where people are getting fake vapes. If you do come across a counterfeit product, reach out to the original manufacturer. We can all do our part in keeping the vape community safe and fun. Exploding batteries, pesticides, and dangerous chemicals are no fun for anyone.

Stay safe, and enjoy your vapes!

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