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CBD Doses for Dogs or Cats

CBD Doses for Dogs or Cats

CBD isn’t just taking the health and wellness world by storm. You can also find CBD droppers and treats at your local pet store. That’s right - even dogs are hopping on the CBD trend.

If you love CBD for yourself, it might be tempting to slip some oil to your pooch or your kitty. But do your research first. Give your pet the best experience by finding the right product, administering the right dose, and looking out for any side effects. CBD oil is generally safe for cats and dogs, but it’s better to be safe when it comes to your precious pet.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

Humans aren’t the only creatures with endocannabinoid systems. Dogs and cats also have a system throughout their body that produces cannabinoids to aid with appetite, mood, and pain relief.

If your dog experiences separation anxiety or doesn’t enjoy traveling in the car, CBD may just be just the trick for keeping your pup happy and healthy.

CBD oil can help your pet by: -Reducing anxiety and stress -Regulating digestion and nausea -Treating symptoms of arthritis or inflammation -Controlling seizures

Many pet owners also use CBD oil to help promote cardiac health or treat cancer. Researchers still have to conduct more tests on the effects of CBD before they can confidently say that CBD can provide these benefits for all cats and dogs. Do not use CBD as a replacement for medication given by your vet or healthcare professional.

Talk to your pet’s veterinarian before giving them CBD oil. Your vet may offer alternative options or give recommendations on the best CBD products to buy. Hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and herbal medications may also help your pet.

Side Effects of CBD

CBD produces similar effects in pets and in humans. In general, your pet will fare fine after enjoying some CBD treats. If you do notice the following side effects, you might want to decrease your pet’s dose: -Dry mouth -Fatigue or drowsiness -Nausea or loose stool -Heightened anxiety

Side Effects of CBD

Can I Give My Pets THC?

No. THC and CBD are both active ingredients in the cannabis plant, but they interact with pets (and humans) in dramatically different ways. Humans don’t get high from CBD, but they will get high from THC. Pets generally respond well to CBD products, but can get “marijuana poisoning” from THC.

Side effects of marijuana poisoning in pets include: -Vomiting -Unhealthy heart rate -Loss of bladder control -Crying and whining -Glassy eyes

It’s not fun to see your pet in such distress. Keep your pets away from your THC products, and always read the label before giving pets any sort of cannabis concentrate.

Can I Share My CBD Oil With My Pets?

Act on the safe side and give your pets their own brand of CBD oil. Brands are required to label their products differently if they are marketing it to pets instead of humans, but they are also held to different standards. What is safe for you may not be safe for your dog.

Even if you prefer pure CBD oil with no additives, your pooch may enjoy a product more tailored to their needs. Some CBD brands offer chicken-flavored CBD oil or CBD balms meant for dogs and cats. Consider all of your options and your pet’s needs first.

Does My Pet Need a Prescription to Use CBD Oil?

No. Your local pet store is likely to have CBD oil for pets or direct you to a place where you can get some. It’s also possible to get CBD oil for pets online, as long as you are getting the product from a place that can legally ship the products to your state.

How to Give CBD Oil to Pets

There are three ways to administer CBD oil to pets: -Drop it directly in your pet’s mouth -Mix it with their food or water -Give your pet CBD treats or capsules

There is no “best” way to give CBD oil to your pets. Some pets may prefer the taste of CBD treats while others will only take CBD if you put it directly in their mouth. Check the ingredients and reviews of each product before choosing CBD products for your pets.

How to Give CBD Oil to Pets