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How to Smoke Weed Without Papers

Thanks to the state of California and Prop 64, it’s easy to get cannabis delivered to your front steps safely and legally. All you have to do is choose the strains that fit your mood and wait for the doorbell to ring.

Sometimes, our customers get sidetracked looking at our big selection of medical marijuana strains. They place an order, open their goodies - and realize they have no papers to roll up their fresh bud.

Don’t sweat. Even if you don’t have rolling papers or a blunt wrap nearby, you can still smoke weed and enjoy the benefits of your favorite strain. Some of these methods require a little creativity, while others require a little cash or flexibility. Enjoy trying out these different methods. You might even say goodbye to papers forever!

Roll Joints With Alternative Papers

Rolling papers are the perfect size and texture for a joint. But they’re not the only option for rolling weed. Try rolling up your weed in these alternatives for a more accessible, and often healthier, joint or blunt: -Roses (broiled in the oven for 10 seconds) -Corn husks -Onion skin -Rice paper

It’s okay to think out of the box, but do some research before you use any alternatives to these alternatives.

Use a Pipe!

Maybe you’re not so picky about using papers or smoking a joint. There are plenty of other methods for smoking weed that don’t involve rolling anything. Pipes and bongs can also be made with household items.

Use a Pipe

Make a Pipe

Making a pipe out of an apple is like a rite of passage for many stoners. It’s the best fruit to grab if you want to smoke but don’t have the right materials. (Pineapples and pears work too, but you’re not as likely to find them lying around.)

You can make a pipe out of anything if it’s solid enough to hold some bud and direct smoke into your mouth. Common household items that make pipes include: -Soda can -Pen (metal, not plastic!) -Toilet paper roll -Cigarettes (emptied)

These are far from the only items that can create an effective pipe. There are lists online that show people using flashlights, golf balls, and LEGOs to make pipes. With a little bit of creativity, you have everything you need to make a pipe in your living room!

Buy a Pipe

Of course it’s a whole lot easier to buy a pipe and keep it close by for moments like this. Cannabis was only recently legalized in California, but pipes have been a staple at gas stations and head shops for a long time. (It’s easy to claim that pipes are meant for tobacco use.) If you find yourself out of papers and in a pinch quite often, it’s time to cough up some cash and grab a pipe.

Use a Bong!

Pipes are nice and discreet - most can fit in your pocket. Bongs are more clunky, but hit harder. If you have a high tolerance, you might find yourself getting a lot more out of a bong than you do out of a joint or a blunt.

Make a Bong

The old gravity bong is a great fix in a pinch, but be careful. A hit from a gallon jug full of smoke doesn’t always go down easy. Mind the container you’re using to make a gravity bong and stick to one hit at a time.

Here’s what you’ll need to make a gravity bong: -Plastic bottle and cap (Gatorade bottles or half-gallon jug of milk works!) -Large bucket -Foil -Sharp knife (with ability to poke small holes)

Here are the basic instructions: 1. Cut off the bottom third of the plastic bottle. 2. Fill your bucket with water. 3. Take the cap of your plastic bottle and cut a hole just big enough to let some air through. 4. Cover the plastic cap with foil. Push a little foil through the hole to create a little pocket for your weed. 5. Poke three tiny holes in the foil for ventilation. 6. Screw the cap onto your plastic bottle and fill it with weed. 7. Place the bottle over the bucket of water, but don’t submerge it completely. There should be room for the top half of the bottle to fill up with smoke. 8. Light your cannabis and let the smoke fill up the bottle. 9. Unscrew the bottle and inhale!

Use a Bong!

Buy a Bong

Don’t have any empty milk jugs or Gatorade bottles lying around? If you have time, just buy a bong. Bongs provide a heavier hit than a pipe or a joint. They’re not so discreet, but they’re great to pass around at a party or keep on your desk at home.

(And please, remember to clean it every once and awhile!)

Try Alternatives To Smoking

Buy a Vape Pen

Like a bong or a pipe, a vape pen is usually worth the investment. Good vapes are discreet, provide a clean puff of pot, and last for a long time. While most vape pens are strictly compatible with cannabis concentrates, you can find dry herb pens on the market.

Shop our full selection of vapes and accessories to get you started.

Bake Your Own Edibles

Hungry? You can bake your weed into a cookie, brownie, or other type of baked good for a extra special dessert. Making pot brownies is another rite of passage in the world of weed. But be careful! Edibles with THC hit extra hard and take longer to reach the brain. Start slow and keep your batter consistent so you don’t put all of your weed into one brownie.

Like bongs and pipes, you can either make your own edibles or buy them. If you’ve never tried edibles before, buy some and see how they work with your body.

Make Cannabis Tea

Another alternative to smoking is drinking your cannabis. It’s true! Like edibles, you can infuse cannabis into tea and make your evening cuppa even more relaxing. The best part about making cannabis tea is that it’s super easy and doesn’t require a whole lot of cooking or baking experience. All you need to do is decarb your cannabis, grind it up, and add it to a looseleaf tea that you already enjoy. You’ll start to feel the effects within an hour of drinking your tea.

Check out all of our alternatives to papers on our online shop.

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