The Ultimate Guide To Marijuana Pipes

April 4, 2020

If Coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s how fast germs can spread throughout the entire world. There is no better time to get your hands on a bong or piece that you can call your own.

We’re not going to get through this crisis without a little bit of help from our greenest friend. 


If you’re new to buying pipes, congratulations! Smoking is going to become a lot easier for you now. No need to roll joints or lug around a bong. You don’t have to wait to hang out with anyone who has a pipe, either. 


The hardest part about buying a pipe is choosing which one you want. This guide will give you enough information to make an informed decision on the type of pipe that is best for you and the best materials for pipes. There is no storage of pipes in gas stations or head shops these days. You can even order them online! So take some time and do a little research before making your decision. 

What Is A Pipe? 

A pipe is an instrument with a bowl at one end and a tube at the other. They’ve been around for millenia! The oldest pipe is said to be from 9000 B.C. - it was made out of animal bone. Several other pipes, made with other materials, have also been found from 3000-4000 B.C. in North America. 


Pipes have traditionally held tobacco. While historians aren’t entirely sure how long people have been