40 Incredible Marijuana Statistics

June 25, 2018

With the cannabis industry growing and more states adopting to legalize the use of marijuana, whether for medical use, recreational use, or both, more people are keeping up with trends than ever before. The cannabis culture is pushing forward and expectations are high.


Here are 40 unbelievable statistics on marijuana:


Marijuana Cultivation


1. There are over 779 strains of cannabis around the world. Though, it's likely to be more when you take into account that breeders are creating new strains all the time, whether indica, sativa, or a hybrid strain. (Source: Green Rush Daily)


2. The popular belief is that marijuana is 57-67% more potent than it was in the 70's, according to the testing of marijuana samples carried out by Natural Center for Natural Projects Research. (Source: Leafly)


3. In 2013, of the estimated 22 million pounds of US grown marijuana each year, Kentucky, California, Tennessee, Hawaii, and Washington grew roughly 80% of all crops. (Source: Mother Jones)


Medical Use of Marijuana


4. According to a study published in Health Affairs, over $165.2 Million in Medicare was saved in 2013 after states implemented medical marijuana laws. (Source: NPR)


5. Suicide rates in Colorado decreased 5% since marijuana was made legal, according to a paper published by IZA. Estimating an 11% reduction in suicide rates for males age 20-29, and 9% reduction in suicide rates for males 30-39, with an overall reduction of 5%. (Source: Crave)



6. From 1990-2014, there were 60 peer-reviewed studies on medical marijuana. This does not include other studies done on marijuana. (Source: ProCon)


7. There are about 10 Big-Pharma drugs based on cannabis. Sativex, Dronabinol / Marinol, Nabilone / Cesamet, Dexanabinol, CT-3 ((ajulemic acid), Cannabinor (formerly PRS-211,375), HU 308, HU 331, Rimonabant / Ac