How to Roll the Perfect Joint

March 4, 2019


Rolling a joint seems like a talent that all stoners are born with. The most talented among us can make the most exquisite joints in a matter of minutes. If you’re hoping to join their ranks or simply step up your smoker game, you too can learn the secret art of joint rolling.


Learning How to Roll a Joint


Rolling a joint isn’t difficult in theory, but getting your hands around the entire process takes a bit of practice. This how-to will discuss how to roll a joint, as well as some key tips to keep in mind as you learn.


Materials You’ll Need:

  • Rolling papers

  • Product

  • Material for the Crutch

  •  Grinder

Rolling the Blunt


Ready to get started? Follow these instructions to start rolling the perfect joint:



1. Grind the Cannabis


Unless you’ve already received ground weed, you’re going to need to prepare your cannabis to to be put into the joint. Get your cannabis and begin breaking it down in your fingers. The drier the cannabis, the easier it will be to pull apart.