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A Guide to Buying CBD Cartridges

What’s on your wish list for the holidays this year? Maybe you want to try something that will help you deal with the stress of traveling, meeting up with family, and looking at your credit card bill after buying gifts for all of your nieces and nephews.

Try adding CBD cartridges to your shopping list. This alternative method of consuming CBD is portable, discreet, and often comes in many different flavors to enhance our vaping experience. Never bought a CBD cartridge before? Don’t worry. This blog post answers all the questions you might have about buying CBD carts. Plus, we give you some recommendations that you can order to be delivered to your home today.

What are CBD Cartridges?

CBD cartridges are tanks that are filled with CBD vape juice. Vape juices come in many varieties, from nicotine to THC to CBD. Read labels carefully to ensure that your vape cart contains CBD, won’t get you high (THC,) and doesn’t contain addictive substances (nicotine.)

Why Vape Cartridges?

CBD comes in many forms: you can consume CBD by smoking hemp or extract it from the plant to create concentrates. Vape cartridges ties all of the fun of vaping with CBD’s many benefits. If you don’t like to swish CBD oil around your mouth or bake your CBD into an edible, a vape cartridge might be the best way to consume CBD.

Benefits of CBD

CBD isn’t going to get you high, but this cannabinoid does work with the body’s ECS to regulate certain functions. After vaping CBD, you might experience:

  • Reduction in chronic pain

  • Reduced inflammation

  • A sense of calm (reduced anxiety or stress)

  • Clarity (from eliminating brain fog)

  • Sleepiness or alertness (depending on any added terpenes or your dose)

How do CBD Cartridges Work?

How do CBD Cartridges Work?

Buying CBD cartridges is all about getting the experience you want for your lifestyle, desired effects, and current vape devices. If you are new to vaping, know that you will need to buy a vape device before you buy any cartridges. Cartridges screw onto existing batteries. When you run out of vape juice, you can dispose of the cart and get a new one!

What About Refillable Cartridges?

Vape cartridges come in two forms: refillable and one-time use. If you prefer to stick with one juice and buy in bulk, a refillable cartridge may be your best option. Until you find that preferred juice, however, you might get more out of trying a few different brands.

CBD users can also buy disposable vape pens that you throw out after one use. This is a great option if you are traveling and don’t want to bring your vape over state or country lines. If you have committed to the vape life, disposables might get cumbersome and you’ll want to invest in a battery and refillable cartridges that you always have by your side.

Are CBD Carts Worth It?

CBD cartridges are a quick and easy solution to getting your CBD fix. They can offer many advantages over refillable cartridges or other forms of CBD:

  • CBD carts are easy to pop onto your vape device!

  • No cleaning - throw them out when you’re done.

  • Try a bunch of different flavors before committing to one that you like