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Cannabis Delivery: How to Get Cannabis Delivered to Your Door

Cannabis Delivery

Even though the traffic in Orange County isn’t as terrible as LA, no one wants to sit around and run errands all day. Plus, we don’t have to - the COVID pandemic has made home delivery, curbside pickup, and alternative options to in-person shopping much more common. And consumers want these features to stick around, even after the world reopens.

You probably have had groceries, meals, and other retail items delivered to your house. But have you ever opened up your door to see a box of medical marijuana delivered from a dispensary? If you live in Orange County, you can make this dream a reality very soon.

The Herb Collective was already delivering medical marijuana before the COVID pandemic even began. We are a collective of medical marijuana patients, growers, and advocates who believe that cannabis can be used to treat pain, anxiety, and other conditions that may be holding you back. Medical marijuana patients shouldn’t have to wait in long lines or even leave their house to access quality cannabis. That’s why we’re here, and that’s why you could have top-tier bud, cartridges, and other cannabis items delivered ASAP!

We are committed to continuing our process of delivering cannabis straight to your door. In fact, delivery is our only option - we do not ship our products and only service customers in the Orange County area. No need to wait days and days for your cannabis!

If you’re new to The Herb Collective family, welcome. We’re excited to tell you all about how you can get cannabis flowers, tinctures, topicals, and accessories all delivered to your door!

Why Get Cannabis Delivered?

Why should you choose The Herb Collective over typical dispensaries? We have a few reasons:

It’s Fast. The Herb Collective (or THC, as we like to call it,) typically delivers your order within 60-90 minutes depending on traffic, weather, and other circumstances that might clog up the roads.

It’s Convenient. We’re a one-stop shop. Even if you have never used cannabis before, you can find everything you need on our website. From pipes to grinders to tinctures to chargers, we’ve got you covered.

You Can Do Your Research. No one wants to make a decision while they’re holding up the line. When you order online, you can search through every strain that we have and weigh your options. Our website also features tons of information that will help you discover different strains, methods, and tips. We want you to have the best experience with cannabis.

Socially Distant Service. No need to wear a mask, get a test, or step more than six feet away from your front door!

You Save Gas Money. Did we mention you don’t have to drive all the way out to a dispensary to

Ready? Grab your state ID and get started.

How To Get Cannabis Delivered To Your Door

How To Get Cannabis Delivered To Your Door

Step #1: Fill out our member registration form. You can find it here! This will help us get to know you.