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How Long Do Edibles Last: A Good Guide

how long do edibles last

Marijuana edibles are a popular way to experience the effects of THC. Popular forms include weed brownies, gummies, and cereal bars. Edibles give you the same psychoactive effects as smoking cannabis would, but the effects generally last much longer.

The effects of edibles can last from 4 to 12 hours, usually peaking at around 2-3 hours. While 80-90% of THC will be eliminated from your body within 5 days, you may still fail to pass a blood test for around a month.

Here’s some more information on edibles and how long you can expect them to last:

How long does the high from edibles last?

When compared to smoking marijuana, edibles last significantly longer. When smoking or vaping marijuana, THC can take effect on the brain within minutes. Peak effects are experienced around 30 minutes in and taper off within 2-3 hours.

When eating edibles such as weed brownies, you can expect to feel the effects after 30-90 minutes. However, peak effects take place at around 2-3 hours and can last anywhere from 4-12 hours, according to scientific research.

Edibles provide a sustained THC high, lasting much longer than vaping or smoking. This can vary depending on how much you eat and how much cannabis is contained in your edibles.

How long do edibles last in your system?

While you’ll stop feeling high after 12 hours, the THC from edibles will stay in your system for longer.

One study found that 80-90% of THC is excreted within 5 days. The leftover traces may still remain for anywhere from a week to 30 days. This can vary depending on your body mass index, diet and metabolic rate.

It also depends on how frequently you ingest marijuana and the potency of the products. If you eat high-potency edibles regularly, it will stay in your system for longer.

Can I pass a drug test after eating edibles?

The THC from eating edibles will show up on a blood or urine test. If you have a drug test coming up, eating edibles is not recommended. You may be able to pass a urine test within 4 days. When it comes to blood or hair tests, the results may be more unpredictable.

Waiting a month after consuming marijuana is a safe bet for passing a drug test. However, heavy users may still show up positive. On the flip side, if you don’t consume marijuana products regularly, you may be able to pass a drug test within a week.

If you have a drug test coming up after consuming edibles, then work fast to remove any trace of THC. Drinking a lot of water, exercising to sweat THC out, and taking Vitamin B supplements are proven ways to improve your chances. You can also find detox drinks online to help, and urine testing kits to determine whether you’re ready.

Edibles vs smoking

Edibles will give you a longer high than smoking marijuana. The marijuana from edibles also stays in your system for longer, as it needs time to metabolize.

Edibles give you a much more intense high than smoking or vaping marijuana. When smoking marijuana, THC is absorbed into the bloodstream immediately. With edibles, it is absorbed into the body and transformed in the liver to 11-hydroxy-THC. This is a more potent form of THC, shown to give a much more intense high.

Edibles are often preferred over smoking as they don’t damage the lungs and offer a sustained high. However, waiting over an hour to get high and having effects remaining for up to 12 hours can be inconvenient. Smoking is much better for casual use and inexperienced users.

Do different edibles last longer?

Edibles come in all shapes and sizes. The length and potency of the high can depend on the dosage.

Usually, edibles can be bought at a dosage of anywhere from 5-100mg. Around a 10-25mg dosage will give you a lengthy high without being too intense. You can also take low amounts of 2.5mg or less for an easy-to-manage high with mild but enjoyable effects. This is known as microdosing.

Naturally, the higher your dosage, the longer and more extreme your high will be. It’s recommended to start off at low dosages until you’re used to the effects. Even for experienced smokers, the effects of edibles can be much stronger the first time.

What factors affect how long edibles last?

How long the effects of edibles last can depend on various factors.

Your body weight and body mass index play a large part. Smaller, lighter people are likely to be hit harder by edibles and a lower dosage is recommended. It can also depend on your metabolic rate- those with fast metabolisms will feel effects faster. Eating edibles on an empty stomach will also result in a longer and more elevated high.

A higher tolerance can be built up over time, but it is recommended to start off with low dosages before consuming too much.

Why do edibles last so long?

When you smoke cannabis, THC is absorbed into the bloodstream and takes effect on the brain instantly. When eating marijuana-infused products, the response is delayed. It takes time for THC to be digested into the bloodstream.

When THC is ingested, it has to make its way through your whole digestive system. Once it reaches your bloodstream, the effects hit you harder and last longer as it takes a while to fully digest. THC is also converted by your liver to have a much stronger effect.

Since the marijuana has to make its way through your whole system, it remains much longer than inhaling. This is why effects can last for hours and THC can be detected in your system for days or even weeks.

Wrapping it up

How long edibles last depends on many factors. An individual with a low BMI and a fast metabolism will feel the effects much faster and for much longer. The dosage you take will also make a difference- a 25mg marijuana brownie will get you high for longer than a 5mg gummy. Whichever way, you can expect the high to last for between 4 and 12 hours and for THC to remain in your system for anywhere from 5 days to a month.


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