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Hybrid Marijuana: More Than Just Indica and Sativa

Hybrid Marijuana

We all have our preferences when it comes to marijuana strains based on their different effects. Ever heard that cannabis indica will have you “in da couch?” It’s a reference to an indica’s relaxing effects. On the other end, most marijuana enthusiasts know that cannabis sativa is a more energizing and stimulating strain. Somewhere in the middle, you can find many different hybrid strains. Best of both worlds? Sure. But there’s more to hybrids than just a mix of sativa and indica.

What are the different kinds of hybrid strains?

This may surprise you, but a hybrid strain isn’t always a blend of indica and sativa. There are typically four different kinds of hybrids that consist of the following:

Sativa/Sativa: This kind of hybrid breeds different elements of two different sativa strains to create a hybrid.

Sativa-Dominant/Indica: While this strain brings together the elements of both sativa and indica strains, the traits will better reflect those of a sativa, with some indica characteristics.

Indica/Indica: Much like the sativa/sativa category, this kind of hybrid brings together the elements of two different indica strains.

Indica-Dominant/Sativa: Another variety that blends sativa and indica; however, this kind of hybrid will mainly have Indica strains’ characteristics with a smaller Sativa influence.

How are hybrid strains created?

Hybrids come from the process of cross-breeding strains of the opposite sex. That being said, to plant a hybrid, you would need one male plant of a strain and one female plant of the other. It’s not that different from human nature, considering the male and female plants will reproduce and result in breeding a hybrid of the different genes.

However, these plants reproduce through pollination! In this process, the male plant will pollinate the female plant, which will then produce a seed that creates a new hybrid strain. Nature at its finest!

While this part of the process happens naturally, breeders can create a controlled environment for a more selective breeding process. This allows them to produce hybrids that possess the desired traits of the strain they want to make. From there, the process is repeated to plant a generation of hybrids with consistent characteristics.

Fun Fact: The first hybrid strain ever produced and stabilized for commercial use is the “Skunk” strain, made by Sam the Skunkman of California in 1982.

What are hybrid strains of cannabis like

What are hybrid strains of cannabis like?

This depends on the actual hybrid and where they fall under the previously mentioned categories of hybrids. They often provide a more even presentation of sativa and indica strains’ effects, embodying both mental and physical highs.

If you find the right strain, you can have your favorite aspects of each category for a balanced high that most cannabis users will enjoy.

Who can benefit from hybrid strains?

Everyone will have a different preference, just like they might when choosing between indica and sativa. While your body’s chemistry will play a role in what is most enjoyable, hybrids are normally a safe bet.

For those who are just beginning their venture into the world of cannabis, hybrid strains are a great starting point. The balanced high is easier to tolerate for those who might be sensitive to certain effects. Once beginners experiment with hybrids, they can figure out what characteristics they’re drawn to for a more positive experience in the future.

All cannabis users can benefit from hybrids, whether it helps them pinpoint their preferences or simply enjoy the mixed benefits as their main preference.