DIXIE | CBD Dew Drops 100mg - 500mg

DIXIE | CBD Dew Drops 100mg - 500mg


Dixie Botanicals™ has infused flavorful cinnamon with their 100mg CBD (cannabidiol) tincture drops to give you a naturally grown and refined hemp oil with an enticing pop. Dixie Botanicals™ Cinnamon and Peppermint Dew Tincture Drops deliver the pure natural power of hemp to the tips of your fingers, in a modern and simplified style! The lightweight, easy-to-use 1oz or 2oz. the bottle is small enough to fit in your pocket for a quick hike and perfectly light for a long backpacking trip throughout the mountains. Each drop provides an explosion of  flavor that will refresh your breath after a long night camping, and help reinvigorate your body to get you back on your feet! The understated design also fits perfectly on your nightstand! Sweetened with Stevia, Dixie Botanicals™ Dew Drops are both vegetarian and soy free, and scientifically refined with non-GMO hemp grown in the perfect European micro-climate.



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