ENDOCA | CBD Raw Hemp Oil Drops 300mg


Our philosophy at Endoca is to stay true as possible to the wisdom of nature. This means we interfere as little as possible with the plant’s natural state.  By choosing the unheated, unrefined raw hemp oil, you get the  benefits of the hemp plant just as nature intended with its complex structure of over 400 molecules unaltered. This unique formula contains both CBDa+CBD, other cannabinoids in their raw state, plus vital omegas, vitamins and minerals that are normally lost when heated. You’ll get all this in one simple oil. Endoca CBD Oil Drops are an easy way to admister and consume CBD. Made with 100% organic hemp this oil is High in CBD and CBAa concentrations. This hemp oil is vegan, gluten-free and non-gmo. Each single drop of this  3%  Raw Hemp Oil containes 1mg of CBDa + CBD. 


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