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MARY'S MEDICINAL | CBN Transdermal Patches 10mg

MARY'S MEDICINAL | CBN Transdermal Patches 10mg


Mary’s award-winning patches are born out of a commitment to accurate dosing and the application of advanced delivery methods. Offering a quick onset and unsurpassed duration, Mary’s patches are 2×2 squares, easy to use, and adhere simply to any veinous part of the skin for discreet, all day (or night) relief.


Cannabinol (CBN): In resemblance to CBD, but cannabinol, or CBN, offers a unique profile of effects and benefits so far, CBN’s studied benefits include: Pain relief, Anti-insomnia, Promotes growth of bone cells, Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-convulsive, and Appetite stimulant.

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