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710 LABS | 1st Press Live Rosin | 1 Gram

710 LABS | 1st Press Live Rosin | 1 Gram


710 Labs First Press Live Rosin is a mix-micron rosin concentrate. Whereas you’re smoking only 90u trichome heads in our Water Hash and Persy Rosin, our Live Rosin includes a full spectrum of water hash refined to dabbable oil. 710 Labs brings refinement and art to a supreme solventless rosin. This process presses the Cannabis between 2 heated metal and brings out this golden gorgeous oil budder. The method and care is this truly original, method of resin separation, with mesh filter lining. 710 Labs its the precedent staple into refining the perfect the process so that we can isolate just the trichomes to its finest and terpene filled natural. 


Weight: 1 Gram

Class: 1st Press T2

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