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America’s First Marijuana Cafes: What To Expect

Denver, Colorado has been paving the way for marijuana legalization from the get-go. It is so ahead of the timeline that there are active discussions on the Social Pot Use Initiative which would allow the public use of marijuana in cafes, something derived from Amsterdam, and finally make marijuana use more legal than ever.

The implementation of marijuana cafes is set to begin being experimented with this summer with the public consumption permit to cost any business interested $1000. That is if they are located at least 1000 feet away from schools, child care centers, parks, rehab centers and city pools.

Although, discussions and voting has been happening, many interested feel that all the regulations being set would make having a marijuana cafe financially worthless. Why? Because first of all, these cafe’s would operate on a bring your own marijuana model and wouldn’t allow cafes to actually sell marijuana. Not only that, but customers will have to sign a waiver before entering a marijuana cafe. This could work against cafes because customers might worry about their privacy.

If you serve alcohol, forget about it. Places with a liquor license such as bars, art galleries, and concert halls will have a decision to make, whether they want to keep their liquor license or get a marijuana license.

Why are regulations of this initiative are so strict? Opponents argue that weed will be easily accessible for kids and that weed smell will be looming around neighborhoods. Probably not the greatest of arguments, but politicians will be politicians.

Although things look unpromising, some cafe owners are looking forward to getting their marijuana use permit in hopes of getting cash flow from selling things such as munchies, bowls of cereal and coffee, and hosting comedy and music events.

Nothing is set in stone yet, so hopefully regulations will lighten up in the future and make marijuana cafes a more financially sound decision for owners.

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