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Medical Marijuana: A Great Treatment for These Issues

Many people hear about medical marijuana and how it can be a great treatment for all sorts of different medical issues. However, many people have no idea as to exactly what issues it can be used for. There is a common misconception that it is only available to treat one or two things, and this is not accurate.

Below are a number of issues that can be treated using medical marijuana.


There have been multiple studies to show that HIV-positive individuals who smoke medicinal marijuana are in a better mood, sleep better, and eat better. You can also help to reduce neuropathic pain.

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s patients are able to gain weight and experience less agitated behavior as a result of the chemicals found within medical marijuana. One cell study also showed that it was capable of slowing the progress of protein deposits in the brain. These proteins are believed to be what causes Alzheimer’s, though it has not been scientifically proven as of yet.


Various studies have been used on patients with arthritis. It can help reduce pain, and allow patients to sleep better. One study also concluded that medical marijuana was capable of fighting the inflammation that often causes pain amongst arthritis patients.


Certain cancer cells may be killed with some of the marijuana extracts. This has been predominantly studied within animals, though THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient found within marijuana, has the ability to impact radiation on the cancer cells. Those who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment may also benefit from medicinal marijuana because it can reduce the nausea.


Glaucoma is perhaps the most widely known medical issue that can be treated using medical marijuana. The THC has a positive impact on the optic nerve, and pressure can be lowered. However, the THC also has the ability to lower blood pressure, which can in turn harm the optic nerve as a result of reduced blood supply. One small study showed that the THC in marijuana can also preserve the nerves.

Crohn’s Disease

A study of patients with Crohn’s disease show that inhaling medical marijuana improved the overall quality of life for people suffering from the disease, as well as ulcerative colitis. People were able to experience weight gain, reduce the frequency of diarrhea, and ease overall pain.

Studies are being conducted all the time in order to determine just how effective medical marijuana is on various medical issues. Cannabinoids have been used for pain relief since the 1800s, and due to the legislation on marijuana, can now only be prescribed by a medical practitioner in most states.

More research takes place about the harm caused by the marijuana plant as opposed to the medicinal qualities. Many physicians still won't provide a prescription because there isn’t enough research and practice guidelines are minimal. However, as studies come out, it is providing more and more treatment opportunities for people who do suffer from a variety of medical issues.

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