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The Many Forms of Medical Marijuana

You may assume that once you have been given the thumbs up from your doctor to use medical marijuana, that the only thing that you can do is smoke it. The reality is that there are quite a few different forms of medicinal marijuana, and you need to know what they are as well as what you can expect from them.

Smoking cannabis is obviously the most common way, and can provide instant relief. It is easy to regulate the dosage, and involves minimal processing. However, it can cause you to smell like smoke, and if you have any pulmonary damage or asthma, it’s not a good option.

Vaporizing medical marijuana, often referred to as vaping, involves using a vaporizer and placing a small amount of dried cannabis or extract in a vaporizer. It is then as simple as pressing the button and inhaling. This will deliver instant relief and can be less harsh on the lungs than smoking. It is still easy to regulate, though there is the problem of it being battery-powered or wall plug power, which can make it expensive and/or difficult to recharge. It’s not the most viable option if you are looking to be able to take a dosage while you are out and about.

Edibles are gaining in popularity, and you can find everything from cookies to lollipops to gummy bears and everything in between. These can provide long-lasting relief, and if you are adverse to inhaling your medicine, it’s a good alternative. Because it comes from a reliable source, dosage is often the most precise. The main downsides are they must be locked up to avoid accidental ingestion from children and it can take longer for the effects to kick in.

Sublingual sprays are convenient, and the extracted cannabinoids are often mixed with coconut oil. They come in a small spray bottle, and you can simply be squirted under your tongue and let it absorb. The dosage is easy to control and there is a mild taste. However, if you require a high dosage, it can be expensive. The length of time it takes for its effects to be known are higher than those of edibles, but not quite as fast as if you were to inhale.

Transdermal patches are relatively new, and these can be best explained as compared to the smoking cessation patches that you may be familiar with. The inner wrist or the top of the foot are the recommended areas, as they are often hairless and easy to keep dry. There is no smoking required, they come in a variety of formulations, and it’s something that can be utilized if you are uncomfortable smoking or taking an oral medication. Some patients have been known to form allergic reactions and it may not always apply to the skin, particularly if there is a lot of body hair or you use a body oil or lotion.

Exploring the various forms of medical marijuana is always a good idea, especially if you are looking for something other than the traditional “joint.”

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