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How The Legalization of Medical Marijuana Can Change Los Angeles & Orange County

With the vote of whether to fully legalize marijuana in California coming this week, it is important to understand how it can change Los Angeles and Orange County. We’ve already heard all about the generous tax revenue that will be raked in, but there are other things that most people don’t know will change.

Pot Shops Will Be The New 7-Eleven

You know how you see a 7-Eleven or a McDonald’s almost on every corner? Well that’s how it will most likely progress, as it has in Denver where there is now over 1,000 locations that sell marijuana. In fact there are more pot shops than McDonald’s, 7-Elevens, and Starbucks combined in Denver.

Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it will be all over California. Although legalization allows the sale of marijuana throughout the state, cities will have the option of whether they want to allow the sale of marijuana in their city, so you can expect smaller cities, local towns, or suburban cities to opt out. It’s the big cities where marijuana sale will prosper.

More Businesses Will Be Pro-Marijuana

You can’t blame businesses for not associating themselves with marijuana, after all it is illegal. But once it’s legal, what's to stop them? Like businesses that do cross-promotions with alcohol companies, expect the same once marijuana is legalized.

Not only that, but banks will be more open to invest in marijuana companies than ever before.

Factory-like Marijuana Growhouses

The days of growing marijuana in mother’s basement or in the closet will be over. Like Denver, there will be a huge influx of warehouses and retail spaces being occupied for growing businesses. This is great news for property owners, as rates and value will increase drastically.

It is safe to say that the legalization of marijuana will change our state in unimaginable ways. Soon marijuana will be served like a beer at a bar and marijuana storefronts will line up like boutiques on Rodeo Drive.

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