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Best Bongs of 2017

Mobius Stereo Matrix

Whether you are shopping for the holidays or you want to go into 2018 with a bang, we have compiled a list of the best bongs of 2017. Check it out.

HiSi Double Geyser Perc

Priced ironically at $420, the HiSi Double Geyser Perc is a beauty composed of a diffused down stem and high-quality percolators. What makes this bong unique is that it makes pouring out dirty water easy because of black plastic caps on the base of the beaker.

Black Arm Leaf 4 Arm Perc Bong

For affordability, the Black Arm Leaf 4 Arm Perc Bong is the best suited. Priced at $60, it’s built from high quality and durable glass and hits very smooth.

Leisure Brick Stack Klein

The Leisure Brick Stack Klein is priced at $420 and is great for concentrates and dry herbs. Built from high-end glass this bong has a lot of percolation power.

Straight Glycerin Bong

The Straight Glycerin Bong is a slick looking and impressive bong with an 8 arm tree percolator, and freezable glycerin jacket. Definitely worth the $498 price tag.

MGW Glass Stemless Double Circ

Priced at $345, the stylish MGW Glass Stemless Double Circ comes with double diffusion capability for a smoother hit and a splash guard to protect your mouth from the water being shot up.

Mini Breaker Ice Bong With 8 Arm Tree Perc

A classic-looking bong compared to others on this list, the Mini Breaker Ice Bong features a 8-arm tree perc, splash guard and ice notches. This one goes for $250.

Mobius Stereo Matrix

If you are into innovation then this is the bong for you. It has a stereo matrix diffuser and many holes for diffusion. Also, the design looks like it’s something out of The Matrix. Price: $420.

Round Base Bong In Fumed Yellow

The Round Base Bong is sleek, slim and 10 inches tall. Priced at $140, you get entertainment value with its ice pinch and cool colored sections.

Sovereignty Peyote Pillar

Our personal favorite, the Sovereignty Peyote Pillar has a unique and innovative peyote pillar percolator design that gives it a $1,170 price tag.

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