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16 Dispensaries That Deliver Marijuana in California

In late 2017, California voted to pass a law that legalized the recreational use of Marijuana. That law is now in effect, and a number of dispensaries in the state are open to business for all people above the age of 21.

These are sixteen of the best dispensaries that deliver marijuana in California.

The Herb Collective, Orange County

The Herb Collective is a network of patients, caregivers, growers, advocates and enthusiasts with the exceeding passion for high-quality connoisseur medical marijuana. We would like to share that passion with you and make fulfilling your medical marijuana needs easy.

Harborside, Oakland

In 2006, entrepreneur Steve DeAngelo founded the Harborside dispensary in Oakland, California. Since that time, it's grown to become one of the largest dispensaries in the entire country. Harborside's mission has always been to build a world by the values that cannabis teaches, and offers their customers a huge range of options to fit each person's specific needs.

Harborside offers a huge range of both indica and sativa strains, although it's their edibles that helped them gain such a high reputation. They offer chocolates, pills, almonds, and so much more in a wide range of different strengths. Prices here are sometimes higher than other nearby dispensaries, yet it's the massive list of products that make it truly one of a kind. Deliveries must be over $50 within Oakland, $75 in nearby neighboring cities, or $100 in the larger East Bay.

Grass Roots Dispensary, San Francisco

The Grass Roots Dispensary in San Francisco is one of the most popular in the entire state of California. They offer one of the largest selection of marijuana products, and will deliver throughout San Francisco at highly reasonable prices.

As you might expect from a top California dispensary, Grass Roots offers a huge range of both flowers and edibles. Prices range around $21 for an 1/8th, and $3.50 for a high-dose cookie. This dispensary is perfect for those in the SF area, and it may not be long before they begin expanding south.

Goddess Delivers, Statewide

Goddess Delivers began in the LA region, yet they now deliver products across the entire state at great prices. Unlike some other California marijuana dispensaries, this company does not operate a brick-and-mortar shop. Instead, they provide their customers with a range of products through delivery incredibly fast.

Here, customers can choose from flowers, edibles, concentrates, and much more. Unfortunately, these products are only available to those with a valid medical license. In late 2018 the legal sales of cannabis will likely become legalized, in which case they will offer their services to anyone over the age of 21.

Coachella Church of Cannabis, San Jose

The Coachella Church of Cannabis is one of the few recognized Rastafarian churches in the United States, and now operates one of the most popular cannabis dispensaries that deliver in California. Fortunately, they also have great customer service that will explain exactly what's available.

This dispensary will deliver to the San Jose area at great prices. There's a reason why they've accumulated five-stars on Google reviews and may begin expanding their delivery service farther north in the coming months.

Harvest Bloom, Statewide

Harvest Bloom is another dispensary that only caters to those with a medical license. That may change in the coming months, which would open up all those over the age of 21 to their incredible products. At the moment, they deliver to the San Mateo and Santa Clara region at great prices.

Greenly, Los Angeles

The Greenly dispensary located in Los Angeles is thought to be one of the most sophisticated and technological marijuana delivery services in California. They offer free delivery services to most residents of LA, and allow you to track your driver to monitor exactly when they will arrive to your door.

Greenly offers a huge number of different marijuana products. Their vape products are highly popular, costing around $40 for a .5 gram vape cartridge.

Natural Green ReLeaf, Bay Area

The Bay Area is filled with great marijuana delivery services, and the Natural Green ReLeaf is one of the best. They serve only those with valid medical cards, though that will likely change in the future.

They serve all the Bay Area cities that have passed the sale of marijuana, and offer $10 off all new patient's first orders. Furthermore, they are giving all customers that refer a friend one free pre-rolled joint.

Yerba, Bay Area

Another popular marijuana delivery service in the Bay Area is Yerba. Leafly has praised this company for its great customer service and wide range of different products.

For the time being, Yerba will only offer their services to those with a medical license. They also offer a great loyalty program for customers.

Tops Cannabis Delivery, Chino

Those in Southern California that want their marijuana delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner might want to consider using Tops Cannabis Delivery. This company is based in Chino, and have become one of the most popular dispensaries in just over four years of business.

Tops offers a huge range of flowers and edibles. They will deliver only to those with a medical license at the moment, although their website states their intention to change this as soon as new laws regarding recreational marijuana sales are passed.

CannaHealth, Pleasant Hill

CannaHealth opened in 2011, and now boats a huge customer base in the Bay Area. They offer a massive list of different marijuana strains and products, and regularly update their deals to keep both new and existing customers happy.

This is one of the few dispensaries that deliver in California that will actually provide people with their own medical license. Simply send in your ID and a doctor's form they provide. CannaHealth is one of the best marijuana delivery companies operating right now in Northern California.

Vallejo Hollistic Health Center, Vallejo

In recent years, the Vallejo Hollistic Health Center has become a great choice for Northern California locals. They operate a brick-and-mortar store, yet it's their delivery service that's earned them such a good reputation.

They offer their delivery products only to those with a medical card. Every day of the week, the Vallejo Hollistic Health Center offers fantastic deals of 10% off different products.

A Green Alternative, San Diego

Deep in Southern California sits a fantastic marijuana delivery service with a massive list of different products. As is the case with most dispensaries, this company will deliver only to medical patients with a valid card.

The range of flower strains here is great, and their edibles make them truly stand out. They offer bars, beef jerky, chocolates, and so much more. A Green Alternative is one of the few dispensaries in California that deliver so far south, and is a great option for locals and tourists in the area.

Kushfly Medical Marijuana Delivery, Los Angeles

As the name suggests, Kushfly Medical Marijuana Delivery caters only to those with a medical marijuana license. Since their opening, they've grown to become one of the top LA dispensaries with one of the largest selection of products in California.

The delivery service is limited only to the LA area. They've formed partnerships with some of the top edible brands including Venice Cookie Company and G Farma Labs, ensuring their products are of the best quality. Prices here are fantastic and their customer service is one of the best in the business.

2ONE2 California Street Medical Cannabis, San Francisco

2ONE2 California Street Medical Cannabis is another tremendous SF dispensary providing locals with incredible products. Their delivery service is cost-efficient and quick, with many customers praising their great selection of different oils and concentrates.

Mercy Wellness of Cotati, Cotati

This dispensary opened up just seven years ago to become the first marijuana dispensary in Sonoma County to offer their products to anyone over the age of 21. That includes their delivery service, which is now one of their primary focuses as a company.

Mercy Wellness offers a huge list of products to their customers. Prices are generally around $45 for an 1/8th of top-quality flowers and $6 for a standard edible. Those in the Sonoma County region will be pleased to find this company has amazing customer service and safe, secure delivery options.

There are now many dispensaries that deliver in California, and many more likely to open up as new laws are passed in the coming months. Check out the ones available in your area today!

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