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15 Incredible Health Benefits of CBD Oil

cbd oil health benefits

As Cannabis sales soar around the world, Cannabidiol oil (CBD) is garnering more excitement than the market can stand. Recent clinical studies support its efficacy in burning fat cells, delaying the onset of chronic disease indicators, treating mental health conditions, and killing bacteria. Pharma companies have repositioned CBD oil from a product derivative of the Cannabis plant to a strong market competitor.

CBD Oil is a less potent form of Cannabidiol which is derived from hemp and Cannabis. It is widely described as the part of the plant that won’t get smokers high. With growing interest in its scientific and commercial sales profile, CBD oil is becoming a lifestyle product. In fact, it with the number of ailments and chronic conditions that it treats, it’s easy to understand why the product has a wonder drug appeal.

Promotes Weight Loss

Cannabidiol burns calories. It also helps with regulating blood sugar and stimulating genes and proteins that helps break down fat. CBD oil stimulates the body in a way that converts white fat to brown fat. White fat is what we associate with body fat. Brown fat, on the other hand, decreases weight gain by burning white fat, creating heat, and regulating blood sugar.

Corrects Skin Problems

CBD oil is widely used to heal several skin conditions that dermatologists have struggled to conquer for years. Applied topically, the product counters the overproduction of abnormal skin cells that cause irritation on the surface of the skin. Eczema and acne are two skin conditions that have been dramatically improved over time with treatment of CBD oil. The product also contains nutrients such as vitamin E that protect the skin against harmful rays from the sun.

Treats Chronic Pain

Patients suffering from chronic pain have reported that CBD oil acts as a soothing agent. Its pathology can prevent nervous system degeneration which makes it a viable treatment option for patients suffering from diseases like fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis is often exacerbated by oxidation and inflammation of the muscles and joints. CBD oil minimizes oxidative stress by regulating imbalances in the body’s detoxification process. It also interacts with receptors in the brain and immune system to create a painkilling effect and an aide to pain management.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

CBD improves heart health. It is no secret that heart disease is still a serious epidemic. Heart disease remains the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. While diet management is a critical factor for patients, CBD oil reduces artery blockage, decreases stress related cardiovascular responses, and stabilizes high blood pressure.

Lowers Incidence of Diabetes

Diabetes is a silent killer. Millions of people go undiagnosed and untreated each year. CBD oil has positive effects on insulin and metabolism that delay the onset of the end stages of the disease. In fact, CBD oil can act as an arterial anti-inflammatory treatment, help in keeping blood vessels open and improve circulation. The product also stabilizes blood sugar levels, prevents inflammation in nerves, relieves muscle cramps and gastrointestinal pains, lowers blood pressure, helps diabetics with restless leg syndrome (RLS).

Slows the Progression of Cancer Cells

While scientists are still researching CBD oil’s ability to delay the onset of Cancer, clinical trials and American Cancer Society efficacy data suggest that CBD oil combats two conditions associated with cancer cells – oxidative stress and inflammation.