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How to Smoke Weed Without Papers

Thanks to the state of California and Prop 64, it’s easy to get cannabis delivered to your front steps safely and legally. All you have to do is choose the strains that fit your mood and wait for the doorbell to ring.

Sometimes, our customers get sidetracked looking at our big selection of medical marijuana strains. They place an order, open their goodies - and realize they have no papers to roll up their fresh bud.

Don’t sweat. Even if you don’t have rolling papers or a blunt wrap nearby, you can still smoke weed and enjoy the benefits of your favorite strain. Some of these methods require a little creativity, while others require a little cash or flexibility. Enjoy trying out these different methods. You might even say goodbye to papers forever!

Roll Joints With Alternative Papers

Rolling papers are the perfect size and texture for a joint. But they’re not the only option for rolling weed. Try rolling up your weed in these alternatives for a more accessible, and often healthier, joint or blunt: -Roses (broiled in the oven for 10 seconds) -Corn husks -Onion skin -Rice paper

It’s okay to think out of the box, but do some research before you use any alternatives to these alternatives.

Use a Pipe!

Maybe you’re not so picky about using papers or smoking a joint. There are plenty of other methods for smoking weed that don’t involve rolling anything. Pipes and bongs can also be made with household items.