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Marijuana Drinks: Infusing Cannabis with Wine, Tea, and More

Marijuana Drinks Infusing Cannabis with Wine, Tea, and More

At the end of a long, exhausting day, nothing would be more satisfying than sitting back and relaxing with a nice, cold glass of… cannabis? That’s right. Our modern-day marijuana luxuries can extend to a cannabis-infused cocktail or beverage of your choice!

You don’t need a joint or an edible to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Joints are hard to roll, and edibles take a long time to hit. Fortunately, there are other options! With marijuana-infused drinks, you can take your time to enjoy a nice refreshing cup of cannabis and a light high.

Learn all about the art of bud-infused beverages: how they work, what to look for when trying them, different types, the do-it-yourself route, and more!

How Do Marijuana-Infused Drinks Work?

Marijuana drinks work in the way you might expect them to (somewhat like edibles). They don’t require any extra equipment to enjoy, either! Just sip back and relax. Similar to edibles, drinks have to go through your digestive system before you start to notice any effects. The good news is they can last much longer than smoking or vaping without hitting too hard like an edible. Marijuana-infused drinks are still pretty potent, though. The way they move through your system might lock you into the couch.

What to Look Out For

When searching for the right cannabis drink, you still have options to choose from, including products made with Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains. Marijuana drinks can vary in potency, so it’s always best to review the THC content per bottle to get the result you’re looking for.

Buy in bulk or enjoy one can at a time. You can finish some drinks on the market in one sitting, but other options (like a large bottle of wine) should be enjoyed over time. That being said, we also suggest looking at the shelf life of your drink of choice. Don’t let your good time expire!

The last and possibly most important thing to consider is… the taste! There’s no fun in sipping on a cup of your least favorite flavor. Luckily, there are plenty of options around to fit your preferences.

Types of Marijuana Drinks

Types of Marijuana Drinks

These days, we are essentially spoiled with ways to enjoy cannabis, and that includes marijuana-infused drinks. The cannabis community has perfected recipes to fit your preference, so your cannabis drinking experience will leave you feeling satisfied. Not to mention, you can be buzzed off a drink and not have to worry about a hangover! Your bud-filled beverage options are plentiful:

Flavored Water/Seltzers

These are the perfect refreshers– keep them in your fridge for a cold buzz on a hot day. Plus, there are more flavored cannabis waters/seltzers on the market than there are flavors of La-Croix!


Cannabis sodas are ready to quench your thirst. They’ve got the sweet, fizzy taste of your favorite colas, but with fewer chemicals and way more benefits than your typical big gulp.


Cannabis tea is perfect for bedtime or a lovely Sunday morning. With plenty of cannabis tea packets on the market, you’re bound to find your favorite cup to cozy up with.


Who said brews shouldn't mix with bud? It’s the perfect mashup for a tasty buzz, and right now, they’re a huge hit. Plenty of your favorite beer brands are partnering up to release THC-infused brewskis.


Cannabis-infused wines are perfect for get-togethers with your buds, or a classy dinner at home. With marijuana wine, you can combine your kind of wine, strain, and even pair with some fancy cheese for a deliciously uplifting experience.


Are you looking to add a little buzz to your health-kick? Treat yourself to an excellent cannabis-infused kombucha.

Hot chocolate

Yes, it’s true. You really can buy hot cocoa mix made with THC and make a warm, chocolatey cup of cannabis-cocoa. Snuggle up with this marijuana drink, some blankets, and your favorite movie during your next snow day.

Hot chocolate

And More…

There are endless options for drinking your dose of cannabis, and we probably can’t name them all. But the good news is that depending on your mood and preference, you have plenty to choose from!

Home-Brewed Buds

Even though you have plenty of pre-produced marijuana drinks to shop around, you might be wondering if you can create your own at home. Homemade canna-drinks are possible, but we would suggest crafting with caution. The process can be easy to learn, but it’s important to get it right– otherwise, you might end up chugging too much THC to even enjoy it.

One of the simplest ways to make homemade cannabis drinks is with THC oil. Try putting a drop of THC oil or concentrate into any of the beverages mentioned above. Simple, right?

If all you have is some classic bud, you can decarb and grind it up– then mix into some loose leaf tea! Whatever way you choose to infuse, make sure to measure correctly for the best experience.

Drink it Up!

Overall, the world of marijuana-infused drinks is present and plentiful. You might want to consider going the liquid route for many reasons. A cup of cannabis-infused (insert your beverage of choice here) can be a great refresher. It’s also a subtle way to take pleasure in the effects of marijuana without blowing smoke everywhere. Plus, unlike a joint– you probably won’t be asked to “take it outside” of your favorite bar or at a party.

There are lots of choices to explore among the world of the marijuana drink market, and now is a perfect time! These beverages are a big hit right now. New releases are coming out every day, and you don’t have to be too picky when searching for your favorite drink. Odds are, the perfect sip of marijuana drink is out there waiting for you!

Upgrade your next wine night, tea time, or after-work beverage with a yummy cup of cannabis. You might be pleasantly surprised with the results when you trade-in your can of pop… for a can of pot!

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