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Best Marijuana Collectives in California

best collectives in california

Marijuana is bigger than ever in California. According to 2018 statistics, California makes more money from weed sales than any other state, including Colorado and Washington. This is largely thanks to the wide availability of marijuana retailers across The Golden State.

Many dispensaries in California operate as marijuana collectives. These allow you to sign up as a member to make it easy to purchase weed either in-store or get it delivered directly to your door. Whether you need weed for recreational or medical purposes, here are some of the best marijuana collectives in California.

The Herb Collective - Orange County, CA

The Herb Collective provides marijuana delivery across the Orange County area, from Anaheim all the way to San Clemente. With high-quality products, affordable prices, and 5-star ratings across Google, Yelp, and Weedmaps, it’s the best dispensary in Orange County.

You can buy marijuana online from The Herb Collective and get it delivered to your address within an hour. Just complete a simple registration form and provide a picture of your State I.D. and you can order a range of strains, concentrates, edibles, and CBD products.

The Green Team Cannabis Collective - Berkeley, CA

The Green Team is a cannabis collective delivering medical marijuana to the Berkeley area. Their menu covers everything from pre-rolled joints to cannabis cookies. You can get delivery in as little as 20 minutes providing you live in the vicinity.

Providing you have a medical recommendation, you can register online and order straight away for fast and discreet shipping. If you buy between 4-5pm you’ll even receive a free gram with your order!

CA Collective - San Jose, CA

San Jose and Bay Area residents are well covered by CA Collective. This highly rated collective is licensed to sell both medical and recreational marijuana. They offer plenty of products in their online stores, including concentrates, edibles, seeds, and various premium strains.

CA Collective is located in the Hollywood neighborhood of San Jose. However, their delivery service also covers Gilroy, Morgan Hill, and the entire Bay Area. It’s easy to become a member and order products online.

Shambhala Medical Cannabis Collective - San Francisco, CA

Shambhala MCC is a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. They don’t currently offer delivery. However, you can browse their online menu and pick up your order from their store in the Mission District of San Francisco.

With an impressive product range and shining reviews from customers, San Franciscans will be satisfied here.

Canna Culture Collective - San Jose, CA

Canna Cultura Collective is a medical and recreational marijuana seller located just by Communication Hill in San Jose. Anyone aged 21 or above can browse their products in-store or order for delivery online.

They deliver to everywhere in a 15-mile radius and offer a range of attractive deals- especially in their VIP Reward Program. A great choice for those in the San Jose area.

Blue Mountain Collective - San Andreas, CA

Blue Mountain Collective offers a range of products to medical marijuana patients in San Andreas. They’re open 7 days a week, providing CBD products, tinctures, vape pens, and much more to locals.

They don’t have a website but you can view their online menu and order for delivery from their WeedMaps page. Their store is located on Marshall Street, just off of E St. Charles Street. With strong reviews, this is a good choice for those in the San Andreas area.

Fresh Mint Collective - Oakland, CA

Fresh Mint Collective offer a fast and affordable delivery service in the Oakland and East Bay Area. They deliver products as far as Palo Alto at reasonable shipping costs.

All of Fresh Mint’s products are packaged nicely and shipped out discreetly. With strong reviews on Weedmaps, you can rest assured you’re getting a good service. You can browse their menu and order online from their website. New patients even get a 10% off discount code, so they’re worth trying out.

TLC Collective - Los Angeles, CA

TLC Collective is a medical and recreational dispensary located in East LA. Their menu covers flower, wax, concentrates, edibles, and tinctures, all in a range of flavors and types.

They don’t currently offer delivery, but you can check out their online menu and buy in-store. First-time patients receive $5 off their first order and they have plenty of products to suit your needs. You must provide either a state-licensed I.D. or medical recommendation to purchase.

Coast to Coast Collective - Canoga Park, CA

Coast to Coast Collective is a slick marijuana store located in Canoga Park, just northwest of Los Angeles. They grow and sell their own products, and if you visit their store you can even check out their grow rooms.

Their range of unique homegrown products makes it an awesome place to visit for marijuana lovers. You can find a range of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains here at affordable prices. They also offer concentrates and other marijuana products.

515 Broadway Collective - Sacramento, CA

As with most other collectives, they offer a range of strains in addition to concentrates, edibles, and medical products. You can view their menu on their website and check out their special offers. With a long history of supplying Sacramento smokers, this is a service you can trust.


No matter where you are on the west coast, there’s a range of dispensaries for both medical and recreational marijuana. These are some of the best marijuana collectives in California with a good track record of satisfied customers.

Bear in mind that you must be 21 years of age or older to buy marijuana in California. You’ll also need a State I.D. to purchase or a doctor’s recommendation if you’re buying medical marijuana. You can still order online providing you scan in or provide a photo of your I.D. Once you’re all signed up to a local collective, you’ll be able to access your favorite cannabis products effortlessly.


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