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Most Popular Marijuana Strains in California

The legislation in sunny California continues to pass laws favorable for recognizing the individual rights of its residents. This is an important part of a Republic that is governed by the people and for the people. Respect for individual needs has led to the growth of the cannabis industry and the availability of many exclusive cannabis strains.

While strains like White Widow, Blueberry, G-13 Hash Plant, and Kali Mist were once the most popular strains in California and Europe, newer hybrid strains are taking over the landscape that add even more exotic elements. California has recently passed laws for cannabis shops to ensure the potency and consistency of the buds that they sell by having them lab-tested. Our focus on professionalism and adhering to legislation benefits consumers with a stable product line and numerous safety controls.

Apple Fritter

The Apple Fritter strain that we stock is a leading example of how potent cannabis has become to increase its medicinal value. While decades ago it was unusual to find a strain with more than 5-percent THC levels, it is now common to find strains with THC levels that top 25-percent.

The Apple Fritter strain has the cerebral euphoric sensation from the Cannabis Sativa components and a heavy body sedation from the CBD content of the Indica hybrids that it has been crossed-bred with over generations. The potency is the perfect solution for pain, stress, and depression. The wonderful thing about THC is that it stores in your fats and continues to provide you with that celebratory outlook on life and living in the moment even for a month after the initial use in some degree. This strain is an exotic and distinctive favorite because it actually tastes like apples when you are smoking it.

White Recluse

Strains like the White Recluse take White Widow and OG Kush a step further by combining them into this aromatic earthy citrus bud with all those wonderful white trichomes developed by Ingimar in Europe when he crossbred the White Widow.

This Cannabis Cup champion is certain to please a variety of tastes with the powerful combinations of choice genetics that are married together. White Widow is known for its unique cerebral high that tingles the brain and elicits the fantasy without an overbearing sleepiness or heaviness. You will be impressed with the unique effects of this strain and star struck.


Playing off the name given to the hookah or shisha waterpipe fitments of flavored tobacco, the Grapeheads strain features a fruity aromatic grape candy smoke. While having more of an effect on the receptors in the head and not so much in the body, it does produce a slight tingling aftereffect. If you are looking for flavor and you are the type of person who does not want to be knocked out and overloaded with CBD's, this light and fragrant sweet treat is bred just for you.

Banana Breath

This strain is beautiful to behold because the buds are so fine and dense. It has a heavy effect on the body because it is an Indica-dominant strain that is loaded with higher volumes of CBD that flood receptors. The medicinal effects are ideal for stress, depression, and anxiety. If you are having trouble falling asleep, a few puffs of Banana Breath at night may be the cure for your insomnia.

Because it is crossbred from Banana OG and Mendobreath F2, it expresses a wonderfully fragrant, fruity, flowery, banana bushel scent. Some people have cured their buds in a jar with banana peels to get just a hint of these flavors. When you have strains that naturally develop a banana scent, they are something special that you need to hold onto. It is interesting to stare at and space out as you clear out your thoughts and quiet down those racing thoughts and the anxiety that can develop during the day.

Troppicanna Cookies

This strain sounds like an interesting dessert for you to enjoy at the end of the day with a tall glass of milk. However, it is something with strong citrus notes from a strain called Tangie. Tangie is a nod to the tangerine flavorings that are expressed in this fragrant plant.

The Forum Girl Scout Cookies strain that it is crossed with adds this warm buttery cookie flavor that makes it utterly delicious to smoke like the flavored tobacco products used in those Egyptian water pipes. This Sativa-dominant strain features purple buds with beauteous orange hairs and dark green blotches.

Animal Cookies

This is another popular strain that is based off the Girl Scout Cookies buds that have both potency and a taste that anyone can enjoy regularly. By crossing it with a Fire OG it obtains a double dose of potency to stimulate body receptors with huge gratifying doses of CBD. The sweet and sour flavor of the strain, dense buds, and colorful dark green and purple buds are the alternative pain killer cure for any insomniac.

Grease Monkey

By taking the potent strain Gorilla Glue 4 and combining it with Extreme Cream Cookies, you wind up with this twisted and delicious delight. It is both earthy and skunky like any fine Indica-dominant strain should be. The Gorilla Glue 4 is known for producing that Afghany-styled couchlock that lets you just stare in awe at a colorful picture for hours without getting bored. It is the ideal remedy for stress, nausea, and pain due to its high levels of CBD and mature harvesting methods that let those trichomes become milky white.

Sunny Driver

If you are happy to sit at home and waltz about like you are a Sunday Driver, Sunny Driver is the delicious strain for you. Grape Pie, Sunny D, and Fruity Pebbles were all crossbred to produce this genetic giant. You can see the beautiful tones of blues, purples, and reds passed down from the parent strains. The terpenes that blend together in this strain make it something special and something you will remember. The aromatic profile is described as sweet and easy rather than skunky or overbearing.

Lava Cake

Now you can have your cake and smoke it too. The Lava Cake strain is sweet and delicious because it is the prodigy child of its Grape Pie and Thin Mint Cookies gene pool. The strain is Indica-dominant and renowned for its sleep-induction properties as well as its nausea and pain relief solutions. It is also known for enhancing you mood and pulling you out of any funk with its celebratory status. Enjoy the wedding cake flavor that celebrates this wonderful medicinal marriage.

Blood Orange Punch

If you are looking for euphoria any time of the day, this strain is sure to deliver. The terpenes of this bud produce a creamy berry taste from the Grand Daddy Purple and resonate Tangerine citrus notes from the Tangie it is crossed with. You will initially feel energized from the CBA content and stimulation and then relaxed as the CBDs start to work their way into your body. This strain is more perfectly situated for a party than getting stoned solo on nocturnal pain medicine.

All the strains that we stock are more flavorful and rich in aromas than the gourmet coffees you buy. We take care to ensure that the buds are not scuffed and stripped of their resin glands. You will be pleased with the number of distinctive strains available and our focus on ensuring quality and consistency in the products we sell. Because we also enjoy using the products, we can assure you that the quality and potency are always on the mark.


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