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10 Best Vape Cartridges Online

If you want to get the most out of vaping, you need the best vape cartridges. Whether you want to vape to get high or just want a nice, relaxing, and healthy CBD kick, there’s plenty to choose from.

Vaping is one of the healthiest ways to use cannabis- it won’t harm your lungs and you can get the effects of THC and CBD in a smooth, efficient, and enjoyable way.

Using pre-filled vape cartridges makes the whole process easy, you can use these anywhere and start reaping the benefits. Plus, there’s plenty of high-quality oil to use with your vape pen. Here are some of the best vape cartridges online to check out for yourself.

ALPINE Live Resin Vapor Cartridge

If you want to vape weed for a potent high, these live resin vapor cartridges are ideal. Made with cannabis oil which reaches over 77% THC, you can rely on these for a flavorful taste and a powerful buzz.

The ALPINE Live Resin Vapor Cartridges come in a range of popular strains. Whether you prefer Jack Herer, OG Kush, Skywalker or GSC, add one of these to 510 thread battery and enjoy the experience.

BRASS KNUCKLES Abracadabra Vape Oil Cartridge

These vape cartridges look good, taste good, and the effects are even better. The sleek design is complemented by high-quality vape oil with up to 87% potency. You’ll get a focused, clear-headed high, with the flavor of lime making it all the more enjoyable.

Made with natural terpenes, this oil is top quality and you’ll get a lot of relaxation and satisfaction from the 1 gram cartridge.

HEAVY HITTERS Premium Winterized Clear Vape Oil Cartridge

If you want a premium oil that’s going to last you a while, get this 2.2-gram cartridge. If the fancy design and size aren’t enough to lure you in, keep in mind this is a 2015 Cannabis Cup winner in the category of Best Vape.

You can expect great taste and a ton of potency with levels reaching over 85%. It also comes in different flavors such as Tangie, The Truth, and GSC. This is a prime choice for any vape user.

HEAVY HITTERS 1:1 CBD:THC Vape Oil Cartridge

If you want the euphoric effects of THC along with the medical benefits of CBD, this award-winning 1:1 cartridge is for you. This high-quality oil comes with equal measures of both in a handy syringe dart.

You can expect high-potency and smooth vaping from these cartridges.

BHANG All Natural Oil Cartridge

If getting pure, natural cannabis is your main concern, you can benefit from Bhang’s range of all-natural oil cartridges. There are no glycerols, glycerides or additives, so you get the purest quality cannabis oil, leading to a smooth and enjoyable high.

No matter what kind of high you want, these cartridges have you covered. With Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid on offer, you can choose whether you want to relax, be stimulated or get the best of both worlds.

KUSHIE Gold Vape Pods

These small and convenient vape pods are designed to fit the JUUL design of batteries. They’re perfect for portable and discreet vaping. The pods contain 1 gram of highly potent cannabis oil with potency testing at 90% THC and over!

This is another pure cannabis product- no nasty additives so you can get a nice, clean high. It also comes in an impressive variety of choices, including Skywalker, El Chapo, and Lemon Haze.

LOS ANGELES KUSH Premium Gold Oil Disposable Vapor Cartridge

If you want to make vaping extra convenient, these disposable vapor cartridges don’t require you to have a pen or battery already. All you need is the product itself, which is filled with premium cannabis extract.

You can enjoy a rich and flavorful vaping experience with the taste and effects of Green Machine. It’s cheap, portable, and you can use it anywhere, making this a top choice for those looking for a quick vape.

BLOOM FARMS Highlighter Complete Set

These Bloom Farms cartridges also don’t require a pen since every package comes with the complete set. You’ll get a pre-filled pen full of natural cannabis oil with THC levels of 60%+. The sleek design only adds to the appeal.

One of the best parts of these vape pens is they come in sets for any purpose. Daytime, Nighttime, and Anytime sets have different THC levels. You can decide whether you want to perk yourself up in the morning, mellow out at night or just get a nice balanced daytime high. Plus, they’re cheap enough to do more than one.

KURVANA Premium Oil Cartridge

These simple and effective premium oil cartridges make for prime vaping. They’re optimized for purity and potency, testing at over 64% THC and containing no solvents or additives. As such, you’ll get a nice pronounced high.

These 1 gram cartridges come in all your favorite varieties. Pineapple Express, Girl Scout Cookies, Grapefruit Kush, and Sour Diesel are just a few of the flavors on offer.

ALPINE 1:1 & 3:1 CBD Vapor Cartridges

If you want more medical benefits on top of an already enjoyable experience, try out these CBD vapor cartridges. You can choose either 1:1 Cannatonic or 3:1 Harlequin. Both come in either 0.5 grams or 1 gram, so you have plenty of choices of how you want to enjoy this product.

They’re great for anyone needing quick pain relief, anxiety reduction or just relaxation in general.


If nothing tickles your fancy, there are plenty of options when it comes to buying the best vape cartridges online. There are prime choices for medical use, potent recreational use, and all kinds of flavors and designs. Browse online and you’ll find exactly what you need for the best vape high possible.


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