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Best Cannabis Festivals In California

cannabis festivals in california

California has a reputation for being marijuana friendly. From medical cannabis shops to 420 festivals there has always been a presence, even before legalization. What’s great about cannabis festivals is they let advocates and recreational users discuss, enjoy and celebrate marijuana in a way you can’t experience anywhere else.

Here the best cannabis festivals that happen in California.

Humboldt Green Week

It’s difficult to talk about Humboldt County and not mention marijuana. If you’re from Humboldt, then you know what I mean. It is in essence the mecca of cannabis, where grow farms and facilities are a dime a dozen. With the help of the local community and county officials, Humboldt Green Week is hosted during a whole week throughout Eureka and Trinidad where attendees get to meet vendors, artists, growers, activists and much more.

At Humboldt Green Week you will find many vendors offering cannabis strains and accessories that you never experienced.

Event Date: April 13 - April 22, 2018

Cannabis Cup

The Cannabis Cup is to cannabis what the World Cup is to soccer. Hosted twice a year, once in Los Angeles and once in San Francisco, the Cannabis Cup features the best cannabis growers from the U.S. and around the globe. During the Cannabis Cup, judges decides which strains are the best in their category, such as Sativa or Edibles.

If you are a grower, entering the Cannabis Cup is a great way to get your name out, especially if you win, which is like hitting the lotto. Winning strains go on to become best sellers as the Cannabis Cup is widely recognized by the marijuana community.

What makes the Cannabis Cup even more awesome is it has so much more to offer, featuring presentations and discussion from known industry activists and business people, the best accessories in the industry, clothing, and musical performances from big names such as Wu-Tang Clan.

NCIA Cannabis Summit & Expo

For a more political and organizational feel, the NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo is a great festival to attend to learn everything there is about supporting or entering the cannabis industry. Based out of Washington D.C., the NCIA Cannabis Summit & Expo is hosted in Oakland, which is known for its very progressive community. In the 2017 sold out event, there were about 5000 attendees where more than 100 leaders in the industry spoke about the benefits of cannabis and got coverage across most major media platforms.

Event Date: June 12 - June 14, 2018

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