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CBD Pre-Rolls Are The Future Of Cannabis: Here's Why

CBD Pre-Rolls Are The Future Of Cannabis

The legalization of cannabis in California has brought a lot of new products to the market: THC gummies, tinctures, shatter, the list goes on and on. For (almost) every THC product on the market, you can find one with the second-most popular cannabinoid: CBD.

CBD is everywhere, and it comes in every form you can imagine. Right now, CBD edibles are on everyone’s mind. Popping a gummy is discreet, easy, and even tasty. But many experts in the cannabis world predict that a new product is going to take the throne.

CBD pre-rolls are the future of cannabis.

Why Swap Out a “Normal” Joint for a CBD Pre-Roll?

We know, we know. If you tend to enjoy a blunt with THC in the double digits, CBD pre-rolls sound like a step down. They’re not. Most people were introduced to CBD-only products through gummies and concentrates, so CBD pre-rolls sound like a step back. They’re not.

You might not get high from smoking a CBD blunt, but you will get the other benefits that CBD can offer:

-Reduced pain

-Better mood (lower anxiety and stress levels)

-Mental clarity (no more brain fog!)

-Deeper sleep

-An alternative to more addicting substances

You get all of this and hop in your car for a drive immediately after a puff.

But this isn’t why CBD pre-rolls are the future of cannabis. People who already love cannabis may have dipped their toes into the world of CBD, using it to complement THC products or just broaden their horizons. CBD pre-rolls are the future of cannabis because they appeal to a much wider audience. Your aunt with arthritis may not get a nugget of weed for her pain, but she’ll consider a CBD pre-roll. Your friend who doesn’t like to get high anymore won’t touch a THC gummy, but they might consider taking the edge off with a CBD pre-roll.

Why do CBD pre-rolls have such mass appeal?

-You can still enjoy the smell (and taste) of CBD flower

-They’re accessible

-They are a great first joint for anyone who is nervous about CBD (or cannabis)

You Can Still Enjoy the Smell Of Flower

You Can Still Enjoy the Smell (And Taste) Of Flower

Think of cannabis as beer or wine. Sure, you can get pretty intoxicated by having a lot. But not everyone who drinks beer or smokes cannabis is laser-focused on getting messed up. When you go to a brewery or winery, the experts will take you through the process of making their products. They share the aromas, tastes, and ingredients that make their product special. Getting drunk is a bonus, but it doesn’t have to be the highlight of your visit.

The future of cannabis looks like a brewery or a winery. You get a tour of where farmers grow the plant. You can see the drying and curing process in real time. When you try out a puff or two of each strain, you can really taste and smell the difference.

Cannabis without THC is still cannabis. Growers can still manipulate the strains to give each product a unique taste or smell. When you get a pre-roll, you can appreciate all of the hard work that growers put into their plants. You can smell the herbal aroma that ACDC lovers enjoy. You can taste why Sour Tsunami is called Sour Tsunami.

This elevates your entire experience and makes cannabis a lot more fun.

They’re Accessible To Everyone.