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CBD Capsules vs. CBD Oil: What’s the Difference?

CBD Capsules vs CBD Oil

When starting to shop around for CBD products, it can be very overwhelming to realize the wide range of options. From beverages, gummies, e-liquids, and more– among the many products on the market, the most popular method is CBD oil or CBD capsules. However, there are specific differences between the two products, which are all essential to consider when you’re shopping.

Capsules Vs. Oil – The Basics

While they may be extremely popular options for CBD products, not many people know the background of these methods. Let’s start with CBD oil– which initially comes from chemicals found naturally in marijuana, known as cannabinoids. Despite the relation to cannabis, CBD oil does not contain THC (unless with a limit of 0.3%), therefore will not produce a “high” feeling that would get from marijuana. The essential result of the CBD oil process is a liquid extraction used with a dropper.

As for the capsules, they’re made through a different process of extraction with a bit more complexity. There are CBD soft gel capsules that are simply filled with CBD oil, or there are CBD isolate capsules. Isolate capsules have a similar harvesting process; however, it results in a powder-like substance that is typically then mixed with something to help your body absorb the isolate, such as coconut or MCT oil.

Although the basic form and background of the two products have their differences, you might be wondering how that might noticeably affect the overall experience of each product– and which one is right for you.

Capsules Vs. Oil – The Basics

Capsules Vs. Oil – Different Intake Process

One of the main things to consider before choosing between these two CBD products, if the overall experience the different methods provide. Starting with the way you take each product– CBD oil is mainly taken with a dropper that you use to drop in your mouth, where the best method is putting the oil under your tongue. That being said, you’re bound to notice the specific taste or flavor of the oil as you wait for it to absorb.

As for CBD capsules, they are swallowed like a typical supplement. Most people However, CBD capsules rely on your body’s digestion for potency results. Also, with these capsules, you have less flexibility when it comes to your preferred dosage. However, a positive factor of taking capsules is convenience. Not only is it more discreet to take when needed, but it’s also easier to travel with.

Overall, the intake process might affect your initial preference between the two. If you have a sensitive reflex, the strong taste of the oil might be a deal-breaker. The oil also lacks a certain convenience with the understanding that oil can be a bit messier, especially when travelling. If these don’t seem to bother you, it might be a better choice, especially if you’d prefer to have more control over the dosage. Therefore, if the taste does seem less attractive to you and you’d like to take your CBD products on the go– capsules might work for you.

While the intake process is important to consider, it’s not the only factor that will help you make the right decision. Both methods have a range of benefits that will better help you understand which works best for you.

CBD Oil Vs. Capsules– Benefits and Possible Downsides

The most outstanding benefit of the CBD oil option is its ability to absorb into your body for an instant effect quickly. Plus, you can also get a little creative and add it to a beverage if you’d like. Especially if you are just starting your journey into the world of CBD products, the oil gives you more controls to ease yourself into the process. You can experiment with oil in order to find the perfect dosage for you, instead of taking a capsule and having to depend on your digestion to give you the results you’re looking for.

The overall process of CBD capsules seems pretty simple and easy to transition into your lifestyle, considering the method that is similar to taking your typical supplements. While you may not have much control over the dosage, the capsules give you more control over when it is your dosage. Considering how easy they are to travel with, along with being discreet, it’s easier to have on hand in case you suddenly would like to take your CBD– so you’ll always be prepared! However, unlike CBD oil, capsules have a potency that is subject to your digestion and doesn’t have the same instant effect.

These benefits are specific to both oils and capsules, but other benefits that should be recognized are the overall benefits of taking CBD. Studies have shown the many positive effects CBD can provide, with a very small chance of experiencing negative side effects. Therefore, they can help you with anxiety, stress, depression, pain relief, and even extensive medical benefits.

With so many benefits for your health and mindset, you should always consider if the CBD you are taking, whether it be oil or capsules, to ensure the benefits match the treatment you’re looking for.

How To Choose The Right Method For You

How To Choose The Right Method For You

Many considerable differences can lead you to the best option. Some people may prefer oil over capsules and vice versa, which shows that there isn’t a superior method. The choice is up to you, and as long as you consider the benefits you are looking for and which product has the benefits and experience that you personally value.

Luckily, if you have decided what kind of experience you are hoping for, it’s bound to exist. There are endless options that give you a wide enough range to choose from so you can find the perfect product. It’s important to take note of the reasons you want to take CBD, and do your research on the different products (capsules or oils), so you can discover something that matches your preferences.


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