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Celebrities That Use Marijuana

Today, there are many successful celebrities that openly enjoy marijuana. Some celebrities you probably would have never imagined. Continue reading to find out who they are.

Joe Rogan - Popular UFC announcer and former Fear Factor host Joe Rogan has openly admitted his use of marijuana, specifically citing use during his workouts.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky - In an interview, A$AP admits to having consumed marijuana with Rihanna.

Snoop Dogg - This one should go without saying. Snoop Dogg is a dedicated marijuana user and advocate who’s made songs about marijuana such as “That Good” and “Smokin’ On”.

Kirsten Dunst - Famous for playing Mary Jane in Spiderman, Dunst has admitted use and decried America’s view on marijuana as ridiculous arguing that the world would be a better place if everyone would just smoke weed.

Cameron Diaz - Claims Snoop Dogg was her marijuana guy in high school.

Kristen Stewart - There is a well-known photo of her smoking marijuana and she has acknowledged use by saying “big deal.”

Jennifer Aniston - She told Rolling Stone magazine she is a moderate pothead.

Lady Gaga - During a “60 Minutes” episode, she claimed she uses marijuana for inspiration and help while writing music.

Miley Cyrus - Has declared marijuana as the best drug on earth.

Whoopi Goldberg - This comedy legend uses marijuana to relieve pain, stress and discomfort.

Johnny Depp - Famous for playing a slick pirate, Depp believes marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol. Carson Daly claims to have had a session with him in his dressing room.

Madonna - Dropped 13 f-bombs on David Letterman, blamed the marijuana.

Martha Stewart - Admitted she knows how to roll a joint.

Honorable mentions: Megan Fox, Susan Sarandon, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer

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