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The Benefits of Marijuana Oil Vapor Cartridges

Marijuana oil vapor cartridges are better than other methods of smoking according to a growing number of people. Big names like UFC fighter Nate Diaz use marijuana vapor cartridges as a safer alternative. Instead of inhaling carbon monoxide, you are just “vaping.” The fact is that there is a lot of room for debate, but vapor cartridges certainly have some benefits.

With vapor cartridges you can expect smoothness and good potency. Most vapor cartridge brands come in indica, sativa, and hybrid. They are usually made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, so they are also are free of solvents. Here are a few benefits that marijuana oil vapor cartridges have.

No Smell

There is nothing wrong with marijuana smoke smell, but sometimes you are in certain situations where you have to respect the air of others. Marijuana oil vapor cartridges can definitely help with that.

The best part is that smell no longer lingers for any longer than 10 minutes, which is awesome if it is a cold night and you want to stay inside.

Can Be Cheaper

Like a gym membership, you will pay for the full kit first and thereafter you can expect the supply to be cheaper than alternative methods. It is an investment for a kit that can run you $40 to $100 but it can be worth it in the long run.


Did you know that about 90,000 fires are caused a year by smoking? With marijuana oil vapor cartridges there has been no reported event of a fire of any sort.

What the vaporizer does is as advertised. It heats up the marijuana oil to the point where it becomes vapor, and is not really being inhaled. That concept alone shows how safe vapor cartridges can be.

In the end, everyone has their own way of doing things, but vapor cartridges should always be considered as a good alternative.

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