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Marijuana Drove Delivery

Did you know marijuana delivery is still illegal in Los Angeles despite being legal everywhere else in California? Popular apps like Eaze have made marijuana delivery easier than ever. In fact they have already introduced and demonstrated drone delivery at the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino.

What You Need To Know

The new drone delivery technology works by delivering and placing the package in the deliveree´s hands. Although a very efficient process, the legality is questionable. So far, what we know is the passage of Measure M will begin the process of legalizing marijuana delivery in Los Angeles.

One of the stronger reasons to support marijuana drone delivery is to prevent the black market from prevailing, leaving the door closed to criminals to benefit from marijuana delivery by offering it at a much cheaper price. Not to mention it keeps cops harassing delivery drivers out of the equation, as well.

In fact, drone delivery has already been used illegally in London to deliver drugs to inmates in a prison. This is one of the reasons against drone delivery because it opens the door for other narcotics trafficking.

In the end, Eaze is in no way of a rush to deliver marijuana with drones. Instead they want to show the world and government the possibilities and benefits of this technology.

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