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What You Need To Know About Legalization in California

marijuana legalization

After almost over a year since Prop 64 passed, Jan 1, 2018 will mark the date recreational marijuana can be sold legally just like alcohol or tobacco. Depending on where you live in California, the anticipation has been visible, in a positive or negative way. Here’s what you need to know about legalization once January 1 hits.

Medical Shops

As of January 1 medical marijuana shops with a license will be allowed to accept and sell to anyone over the age of 21. Most medical marijuana shops have already started applying for licenses and California has stated they will issue temporary licenses before the New Year.

Unfortunately, legalization won’t come in the form of a midnight movie premiere or Jordan sneaker release, since it can be only sold from 6am to 10pm. Anticipators have to wait til 6am on the 1st to get their first legal pot.


Unfortunately, California is very split on legalization. Cities like San Jose still have a ban on marijuana and whether it will be legally sold is still up for debate. Cities like Los Angeles and Oakland are already accepting license applications, so finding shops on January 1st will not be an issue.


Quality will only be affected in the sense of making sure marijuana is on par with regulations. New testing procedures have been introduced to make sure marijuana is safe to consume in terms of bacteria or mold and also to make the labeling of the amount of THC and CBD content visible on every strain.

Smoking Like A Cigarette

For consumption, you will have to follow the rules of a cigarette plus more, such as no smoking in bars, no smoking in your car and no smoking in your apartment without the landlord’s permission. Anyhow, businesses are already making strides to replicate Amsterdam cafes where people can buy and use marijuana freely, although rules will disallow it from being visible to the public.


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