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Top 10 Most Beautiful Cannabis Dispensaries in America

The market for CBD products is booming. Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating marijuana plant extract is pioneering a new wave of recreational medicine. It’s a health-enhancing phenomenon, known for its proprietary healing elements.

Still, statewide legalization of cannabis progresses slowly. Long-reigning American pharmaceutical industry benefactors fear unpredictable market disruption.

Multiple states, including California, Colorado, and Arizona, have made the legal list. Dispensaries nationwide vie for dominance. The race to modernize, accessorize and personalize offerings, chronicles extraordinary accounts of dispensaries enhancing cannabis consumer journey.

1. Level Up

Arizona’s “Level Up” flaunts immaculate ultra-modern architecture within its walls. First glance, it speaks sophistication, with a soothing ambiance that instantly tempers the nerves.

This Scottsdale-based dispensary is the premier cannabis destination for premium quality grades in Arizona. With horizontally aligned glass display cabinets, it adopted from that of a deluxe jewelry boutique; it vogues the quintessential design. Still, invigorating aroma permeates the atmosphere as Level Up mesmerize visitors with a sensational exhibition of the purest medicinal cannabis.

2. MedMen

Making claims to influential success in the cannabis business, California’s MedMen, which operates multiple dispensaries, is as accessible as Apple networks.

Its numerous sites etched along the boulevards of West Coast cities, boasts a minimalist decor. While the likeness of quaint boutiques dampens enthusiasm, MedMen manages a transparent production. The Los Angeles-based holding expanded operations to include three New York locations. With its breakout prescription dispensary booming on Fifth Avenue, they launched two more shops. The third, called “The New York City shop” utilizes intelligent touchscreen menus and tasteful twenty-first-century packaging. They’re the grandeur bringing balance to the facades of minimalist displays, a captivating plafond showcasing gothic brickwork, and modest white walls.

3. Dispensary 33

A destination admired for its sense of artistry, Dispensary 33 in Chicago sets the mood for heavy doses of nostalgia.

Its walls boast magnificent artwork of sentimental line-drawn murals, contouring every inch of the cannabis herb in essence. A model that exemplifies a balance of form and function; its strategically positioned hexagonal display boxes blend nicely with light hardwood floor. The combination complements the soft-tone wood counter display and receptionist desk perfectly. Natural light peers through wide open windows embraced by the clutches of robust white-themed brickwork. This dispensary stays lit all day and closes about seven at night.

4. Citiva

Another modern addition, Brooklyn’s Citiva is the city’s first medical cannabis dispensary. It sits just seconds from Barclays Center. Light from fluorescent diodes bounces off the natural, white glass-like background. Two decorative light fixtures reach down to illuminate the smooth, white receptionist counter. It coordinates well with matching white display cabinet. Citiva keeps to a rich neoclassical decorum, with friendly vest-wearing pharmacists, while ensuring maximum satisfaction for vapers. Most of its o