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What You Should Know About Marijuana Delivery In California

What You Should Know About Marijuana Delivery In California

Marijuana has become increasingly legal across the United States and looks to become legal across the country in the next few years. This has been true across both a medical and recreational level, with the majority of states allowing its use in either capacity or both. One of the more prominent states to do so has been California, which was one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana for anybody over the age of 21, as well as anybody who needs it for medical purposes. This has led to the rise of a few marijuana-adjacent companies being set up around the state, such as weed delivery companies. However, many people might question whether or not these businesses are legal. There's no need to worry, though, as the state has passed a variety of regulations to allow for this, with California being the first place to legalize home-delivery for marijuana, which is true no matter which city you're in. This also extends to any cities or territories in California where cannabis is banned. Despite the practice being legal across California, there are still a few things that you should be aware of before you order delivery. This is primarily because there are a variety of restrictions placed on marijuana home-delivery that could affect you. These regulations mean that you'll need to ensure that you're informed about what you can and can't do so that you don't step into any illegal territory. How Much Marijuana Can You Have Delivered? With this legalization in mind, many people may be curious as to home much marijuana they can have delivered, as well as whether or not there is an actual limit. In contrast to what many people may believe, the limit is applied to sellers rather than buyers, which means that the majority of any applicable punishments may affect them rather than you. The amount you can have delivered can vary drastically depending on the type of weed that you're having provided. If you're purchasing non-concentrated cannabis, you'll be able to buy up to 28.5 grams, whereas you'll only be able to purchase eight grams of concentrated marijuana. There's also the case of immature cannabis plants, in which case you'll only be able to buy six of the plants. However, it should be noted that these only apply to recreational use, and there are different regulations for people who have a medicinal license. If this is the case, a customer will be able to have 12 immature cannabis plants. They'll also be able to purchase eight ounces of medicinal cannabis, although this must be in the form of dried mature flowers. Each of these only applies to single-day purchases and deliveries, meaning that you'll be able to buy more whenever needed. However, it should be noted that you're only allowed to have one ounce of marijuana in your possession at any given time. This means that you'll face a variety of legal punishments should you be found in possession of more. There's also somewhat of a legal gray area when it comes to sharing the product with friends or family; while you'll technically be able to share it, you shouldn't be able to charge for it without a license.

How Much Marijuana Can You Have Delivered

How To Know If A Delivery Service Is Legal As we mentioned above, marijuana delivery is legal across California, regardless of whether or not the city itself has it banned. However, this doesn't mean that every delivery service is permitted. This is primarily because, similar to many other marijuana companies, they'll need to have the relevant licenses and certificates to deliver the product. This could mean that finding a company to order from might be somewhat confusing to people, although this doesn't need to be the case. Because of regulations by The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), the Department of Public Health and the Department of Food and Agriculture, every delivery company will have to register in advance to deliver marijuana in the state; they'll then need to be subject to approval before they can begin doing business. That doesn't mean that it will be difficult for you to find a delivery company, however, as there are a variety of ways to determine whether or not a company is licensed. There is a list of certified marijuana delivery companies that you'll be able to look through to determine whether the firm you're ordering from is licensed. This also means that you'll be able to find a company to order from relatively quickly and easily. There are also a few other potential benefits to this practice that many people may not have thought of. The most notable of these is the fact that you'll be able to ensure that the company you're ordering from is above board and of a high-quality. This is primarily because they'll have to adhere to a variety of regulations to stay certified, which means that they're less likely to tamper with any of the cannabis and have to follow a variety of best-practices. However, this also means that it can be next to impossible to determine whether or not a particular van or truck is carrying your product. This is because all delivery companies are unable to advertise the product on the side of their vehicle. While they'll be able to promote the business itself, there can't be any indication that they're a marijuana-related company, which makes advertising somewhat of a legal grey area. It's also been noted that delivery companies are only allowed to carry up to $5,000 worth of product at any given time. Many of these laws are slowly changing, although slowly. As such, many of the restrictions that are currently placed on home-delivery and cannabis production companies may be lifted in the future, although there isn't much of a timeframe for when these may be done.

How To Know If A Delivery Service Is Legal

Everything Else You Should Know While marijuana home-delivery in California is completely legal, that doesn't mean that there aren't a few restrictions in place, as we mentioned above. One of the most significant questions that many people may have is whether or not somebody else can accept their delivery. This is something that can be affected by various factors, such as having to rush out of the house before your shipment arrives, or some other reason that means that you're not home. However, it should be noted that you'll have to be the one that accepts the delivery, which is driven by a few factors. The first of these is that the driver will have to confirm your identity, which they'll then have to match the delivery details they were given. Furthermore, they'll also need to verify that you're over the age of 21, especially if the marijuana is for recreational purposes. For medical users who happen to be under that age, they may also need to verify your medical license for the product. Both of these mean that the person who orders the delivery will have to be the person who accepts is. By keeping all of the above in mind, as well as ensuring that you're using a high-quality home-delivery company, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that everything is above board. There are still a variety of challenges that need to be overcome in the industry; however, many of these are being continuously tackled and gotten rid of. This means that it should become much easier to order and pay for your marijuana, as well as having it delivered. As it currently stands, though, there should be few practical boundaries to marijuana home-delivery.

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