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Six Best Brass Knuckles Products

Six Best Brass Knuckles Products

Shopping for vape pens can be overwhelming. There are so many brands to choose from and so many different types of cartridges. Not all carts are compatible with the battery you buy, so many vapers tend to stay loyal to one or two brands.

One of the biggest brands on the market is Brass Knuckles. They offer a sleek look and wonderfully let the unique flavors and aromas of your favorite strains hit you with each puff. Brass Knuckles has been in the news a lot more lately due to fake cartridges hitting the market (more on that later,) but you can still find legit products online.

About Brass Knuckles Cartridges

Five out of six of the products we will discuss in this post are cartridges with different strains of cannabis distillate. Distillates are concentrated forms of THC - so you’ll get a nice strong hit when you use Brass Knuckles.

Brass Knuckles cartridges contain up to 1000mg of distillate - which lasts most users about two weeks. Users love these carts because they are some of the purest on the market. They’re lab-tested with no contaminants, pesticides, polyethylene glycol, or glycerin. The brand has over a dozen flavors on the market - if you see your favorite strain for sale, snatch it up. Since they are so pure, you can get a real feel for the terpene blend that is unique to each strain.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some of the most popular Brass Knuckles products.

Skywalker OG

Nothing is better than a few puffs of Skywalker OG after a long day of . Fans of Skywalker OG bud will no doubt enjoy the herbal tastes of this strain, although the fruity flavors from parent strain Blueberry do tend to come out in these carts.

Again, don’t try this guy as a wake and bake strain. It hits harder than you might expect, and will send you right back to bed. Patients who suffer from chronic pain or migraines often choose this strain for the strong relief it offers.


This is a great cart for a sweet taste. GSC is an acronym that stands for “Girl Scout Cookies,” and getting a box of this cart in the mail will make you as giddy as buying a box of Thin Mints. The giddiness will continue as you enjoy this strain - GSC is a hybrid, but it offers a great head high. Pass this one around at a party and you’ll all be in stitches in no time. Users also experience a full-body relaxation, but one that will still keep you moving throughout the day. This is known as the most beloved of the Brass Knuckles hybrid cartridges, and for good reason.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer

This is another great choice for cannabis enthusiasts who want simple, dank flavors. Jack Herer offers a skunky, piney taste that brings you back to spending your summer camping. Whether you’re just peeking out to see the sun in the morning or getting ready to hit the hay, a few hits of this cart will lift you up. Good ol’ Jack will keep your anxiety quiet and increase focus, so don’t be afraid to steal a hit even before you head into work or a party.

Blue Dream

It’s no surprise that one of the most popular strains of weed is also one of the most popular cartridges in the Brass Knuckles catalog. Blue Dream is a great sativa-dominant hybrid that appeals to so many cannabis lovers. Instantly, users experience all of their stress leaving their body and relaxation arriving. The terpenes in Blue Dream offer a nice mix of a subtle berry taste and a good skunky smell.

Blue Dream is another strain that you can hit before you head off to work. Many users report that Blue Dream keeps them focused and concentrated as they move through the rat race or even indulge in their creative side. This is a must-try product from BK.

Forbidden Fruit

If you prefer something fruity, you can’t go wrong with the Forbidden Fruit cart from Brass Knuckles. This is arguably the brand’s most well-known flavor. What fruits make up the flavor? The answer is forbidden. Many people taste passionfruit, others taste guava, and others taste a grapefruit flavor that adds a little kick to each puff.

Forbidden Fruit is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers a beautiful blend of relaxing effects with an uplifting head high. Think dreamland. The aroma from this pen isn’t too strong, so you can discreetly enjoy it wherever you go.

Brass Knuckles Wood Finish Battery 650mAh

Brass Knuckles isn’t out there just making vape cartridges. After all, you’ll need a battery for all of these delicious carts! We recommend this particular battery for its popularity and fun look. The wood finish offers a unique look that you don’t always see in the vape world. (Many people claim that they feel like a wizard waving a wand when they’ve got this battery in their hand!) And the battery lasts long, so you can vape away without worrying about when you’re going to find a place to charge.

A 900mAh battery has a longer capacity, but the 650 still reigns as the more popular product. Many claim that this is just the capacity they need in a vape, and that they get the best value for the price.

Beware of Fake Brass Knuckles Products

Beware of Fake Brass Knuckles Products

Everyone wants to cash in on the popularity of Brass Knuckles - especially counterfeit manufacturers. Fake Brass Knuckles products have been a huge concern throughout 2019. While the products and packaging looks eerily similar, the effects and risks of using fake carts should make you think twice about your purchase. Counterfeit products may contain pesticides or they may not contain enough THC to get you stoned. Many users who come across counterfeit products report getting sick from these pens, so don’t let yourself waste your money on them.

If you live in California or Nevada, you have a lesser chance of coming across counterfeit products, but they are still sold everywhere. Read our blog for more information on how to spot counterfeit Brass Knuckles products.

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