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CBD For Pets: How To Dose It?

CBD For Pets

CBD isn’t just something for you - your entire family can enjoy the benefits of this cannabinoid. This means you, your partner, your parents - and even your pooch.

Dogs and cats can take CBD and experience pain relief or reduced anxiety. They have an endocannabinoid system, just like us! When our pets ingest CBD, it binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors and heads to the brain. Dogs and cats - they’re just like us!

It’s safe to give your dogs and cats CBD, but it’s important to know what type of CBD oil and how much CBD is safe for your furry friends. While dogs and cats have similar systems that benefit from CBD, there are still differences regarding what we can ingest and what are pets can handle.

Can You Share CBD Oil With Your Dog?

It’s possible that your CBD oil is safe for pets to ingest, but don’t count on it. CBD oils aren’t always just made with CBD. Manufacturers often add essential oils or binding agents to the extracted CBD. Your CBD product could contain ingredients that are safe for humans, but not for dogs and cats.

Take lavender oil. Lavender oil can be mixed into a dog’s bedding or used in candles that burn around the home. Diluted lavender oil isn’t poisonous when ingested, but not exactly recommended. (Experts are still unsure on whether lavender oil is safe for a cat to be around.)

Even though it’s less expensive to share CBD oil with your furry friends, it’s best to get a separate product. Choose a CBD oil that is made especially for dogs or cats. Even if it contains similar ingredients to the CBD oil you ingest, it could be more diluted and safer for a dog’s endocannabinoid system.

Now that you’ve grabbed a safe CBD oil for your dog or cat, it’s time to dose it out. But how much can you pet handle, and how much is too much?

How Much CBD Oil Can I Give My Dog?

How Much CBD Oil Can I Give My Dog?

Dose out CBD oil to your dog based on their weight. A good rule of thumb is to divide their weight by 10 or 5, and administer that many mg of CBD. For example, a 20-pound dog should receive 2-4mg CBD in a dose. This is a good place to start.

Is that a full dropper? Sometimes. The amount of CBD in each dropper will depend on the product. Milligrams are not the same as milliliters. Be sure to read the back of your CBD product for more information on dosing and how to administer CBD to your pooch.

How Often Should I Give My Dog CBD Oil?

The answer will depend on your pet. Some dogs just need CBD oil to deal with separation anxiety. A dose right before you head out to work should be all you need to keep your dog calm. Other dogs use CBD oil for pain - they might need a dose every few hours. Eight hours for one dose is a good rule of thumb.

If you aren’t able to administer a dose to your dog after eight hours, don’t “double up.” Giving your dog twice the recommended amount of CBD oil might make them sick or give them an upset stomach. (And no pet owner wants that to happen!)

How Much CBD Oil Can I Give My Cat?

The same rules apply for giving CBD oil to dogs or cats. Determine how much your cat weighs, and divide that weight by either 10 or 5. Convert that number to mg and you’ve got your dosage! The average cat is just under 10 pounds, so a 1mg CBD should be all your cat needs to find relief.

Again, the right dosage will depend on your cat’s symptoms and why they are taking CBD in the first place. Cats with severe anxiety will benefit from a higher dose than a cat who has minor aches. Feel free to experiment with different dosages, but start small and slowly make your way up to a higher dose.

Side Effects of CBD for Dogs and Cats

A high amount of CBD is not poisonous. But any type of oily addition to your food could have unintended side effects. Again, no pet owner wants their pooch to get an upset stomach. You’ll only have to clean up the results later.

Other possible side effects of CBD for dogs and cats include: -Dizziness or drowsiness -Vomiting or diarrhea -Itching

How to Administer CBD To Your Pets

There are plenty of ways to make sure that your pet gets the CBD they need to find relief. If you have a dropper of CBD, you could: -Drop it directly under their tongue (easier said than done, especially if you have cats) -Mix it into their food -Mix it into a treat (peanut butter works great for dogs!)

You can mix CBD oil into your own treats and make a CBD cake for your pup. This isn’t the best option - the more ingredients you give your dog, the more likely they will experience an upset stomach.

Fortunately, there are CBD treats on the market that are made especially for dogs and cats. They contain a set amount of CBD per treat, so you can easily administer the right dose for your pet. (The treats typically contain between 1-5mg CBD. Read the label and reviews before giving it to your dog or cat.)

Experiment and Start Slow

Just like humans, there is no one perfect way to administer CBD. The right dose varies from animal to animal or symptom to symptom. Keep an eye on your pet when you first give them CBD oil. You might not see a drastic change in their mood or behavior. If “nothing” seems to happen, try upping the dose by a ½ mg to see if it makes a difference. A strong but safe dose for a 10lb could be up to 5mg. But in general, you’ll get the effects you need with 1-2mg.

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