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What Is Live Resin and Why Is It So Awesome?

What Is Live Resin and Why Is It So Awesome

Times are stressful. The typical joint isn’t as relaxing as it used to be. Plus, the legalization of cannabis throughout California has made it easier for consumers to enjoy their favorite plant in different forms. It’s no surprise that concentrates have become increasingly popular. One of the concentrates on everyone’s lips (more figuratively than literally) is live resin. But what is live resin - and why are all of your friends saying that it’s so awesome?

What Is Live Resin?

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate. Unlike traditional buds, concentrate extract THC, CBD, and other active ingredients from the cannabis plant to produce a more potent substance. The result is a product that contains up to 90% THC. Yeah, you read that right.

The high concentration of THC is one of the reasons that cannabis enthusiasts love concentrates like live resin, shatter, wax, and budder. A small dab is all you need to soar. Concentrates like live resin are also incredibly versatile!

What Makes Live Resin Different From Other Concentrates?

Budder, shatter, and live resin are easily confused with other concentrates. (They all look a little bit like earwax.) But these different concentrates may contain different terpenes, cannabinoids, or other qualities based on how they are made.

In order to make live resin, manufacturers need freshly harvested cannabis. They take these buds and flash-freeze them. Once the plant is frozen, the extraction process begins. Like many concentrates, manufacturers use BHO to extract THC and other active ingredients from the plant. (In some cases, CO2 is used in the extraction process.) The result is a potent, strong concentrate.

Unlike other concentrates, bud is not dried or cured before it makes live resin. This allows live resin to hold onto specific terpenes that you might not get in other products. Terpenes distinguish one strain from the other. When you unpack live resin, you are more likely to enjoy the same smells and flavors that you would expect from bud. Don’t try to discreetly open this package around disapproving family members - they’ll be able to smell what you got in the mail!

This is why live resin is so popular! Enjoying cannabis is a lot like enjoying a glass of wine. The aroma and flavor may be just as important to connoisseurs as physical or mental effects. Without terpenes and other active ingredients, you can’t fully enjoy the cannabis experience - you’re just getting high.

Why Is It Called “Live Resin?”

Why Is It Called “Live Resin?”

The presence of these terpenes and active ingredients stood out to the founder of live resin, Kind Bill. (Live resin was first “discovered” in 2013 - it’s a fairly young cannabis product on the market!) At the time, up to half of all terpenes and active ingredients had been lost in the extraction process. Concentrates got you high, but didn’t resemble the plant they came from at all. Kind Bill noticed that his product smelled more like the live plant than other concentrates on the market, hence the name “live resin.”

Can You Smoke Live Resin?

Not only can you smoke live resin, you can consume it with pretty much any tool or method of consumption on the market. Of course, some forms of consumption are more preferable than others. But no matter what you prefer, you can add a little live resin and get your fill of terpenes and other active ingredients.

There are plenty of ways to consume live resin, including:

  • Dabbing

  • Vaping (with a live resin cartridge)

  • Adding live resin to edibles

  • Laying out live resin onto the flower in a joint, piece, or bong

As much as it is fun to get creative with your concentrates, don’t forget the potency of live resin. Adding just a small amount of live resin (or any concentrate) to your typical joint is going to have a much different effect than smoking flower alone.

What To Know Before Buying Live Resin

When you order some bud online, you probably know what you’re going to get. Concentrates are a different ball game. If you are new to buying live resin or any type of concentrate, it’s important to know this information about storage, quality control, and experimenting with your new product.

Storage: If you are buying live resin outside of a cartridge, be careful. Leaving it out in the open will cause the product to dry out and the terpenes to lose their effect. Once you’ve dug into your live resin, store it properly.

Try to preserve the container that your live resin comes in. Seal it well and keep it in a cool place. Got a fridge (and roommates who will respect your stuff?) This is ideal, but not mandatory. If you don’t want to leave your resin in the fridge, keep it somewhere safe that won’t be exposed to too much light or heat.

Quality control: Kind Bill isn’t the only person producing live resin. Live resin may also come from different strains or slightly different extraction methods. Not all live resin products look or even feel the same. While some live resin products may resemble jellies, others may take on a more sappy or buttery texture. This is normal.

What’s the best way to determine that your live resin product is the best that you can buy? Take time to do your research. Look up reviews, talk to other cannabis enthusiasts, and only buy from trusted brands.

Experimenting With Live Resin: The potency of live resin is 2-3 times higher than your average bud. Be careful. Try a little bit at first to understand your tolerance and how live resin affects your high. Live resin is especially tempting, but don’t let the pungent smells and delicious flavors cloud your judgement.

Ready for Resin?

Live resin is not just your average concentrate. You can get the full sensory experience of your favorite strain and ramp up the potency in your joint, dab rig, or vape pen. This concentrate is the best of both worlds!

Start shopping online today and try out live resin for yourself!


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