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The 3 Most Important Marijuana Research Studies of 2018

marijuana research studies

Research on marijuana so far in 2018 continues to teach us the benefits it can provide, especially to people with disorders, disease and cancer. Check out the latest in marijuana research.

Safe and Effective For Elders To Use

This study was conducted with over 900 elders who used marijuana for at least six months. Seventy five percent of them had never used marijuana beforehand. Most of the patients in this study reported some type of condition such as Parkinson's disease, PTSD, Crohn's disease and cancer. The study showed that 93.7 percent had improved symptoms and reduced pain. Fifteen percent actually stopped taking opioids, which is a big positive because of the harmful side effects. This proved that marijuana use for elders is not a problem at all and actually super beneficial.

CBD Can Prevent Aging Brain Diseases

Brain Research Bulletin published a study that treated rats with CBD that showed evidence that it can protect against iron overload in the brain. The study believes that it doesn't necessarily get rid of the overload but instead enables the cell's primary energy producers, the mitochondria, to better handle the overload of iron so it doesn't damage the brain. Iron overload disrupts the function of the brain and can cause inflammation to it. It is also believed that the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories in CBD are the components responsible for being able to protect the brain from damage. CBD use is now being recommended as a preventative measure for brain disease caused by aging.

THC and CBD May Prevent Colon Cancer

The study found that THC and CBD can activate tumor-suppressing cannabinoid receptor 1 and block GPR55 receptors which promote tumor growth. That’s not the only good news. The study also found that the CBD component in marijuana can protect against growing a tolerance to THC. Although this study is significant in showing the benefits THC and CBD can provide to patients of colorectal cancer, further studies will still be necessary before it is actually a recommended treatment option.

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