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Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Vape CBD

What You Need To Know Before You Vape CBD

With the current rise in popularity of CBD usage, there are now more options than ever for getting your daily dose of this calm and balancing cannabinoid. You can use more common methods like topical treatments, CBD edibles, and even CBD joints; but among the endless options, there is one intriguing form of CBD use– vaping!

When most people think of vaping, they may associate it with electronic cigarettes for nicotine or THC vapes. However, CBD vaping is currently a trendy practice! Like all new trends in the cannabis world, vaping CBD comes with risks. Before you start vaping CBD, there is some information you should know.

How To Find Products You Can Trust

Even though CBD is a generally safe substance for vaping (and generally much safer than vaping harmful chemicals in nicotine vapes,) you still need to consider potential health and safety hazards before vaping CBD. For starters, we don’t recommend creating your own CBD vaping device. It’s not as simple as using CBD oil in place of vape juice, although some people do use this method.

You should always consider whether or not the product or device you are using is from a legal and from a reputable retailer. In some cases, CBD vape cartridges are tainted with possibly dangerous chemicals if they are not properly sourced.

So, how can you ensure your smoking CBD safely? To make sure you can trust the safety of your CBD vape, start by making sure you are buying a legal and lab-tested product from a trusted retailer. Brands will use credible third-party ISO labs to test their products in order to verify CBD content, residual solvents, and possible contaminants. Suppose the product is not legally lab-tested to ensure safety. In that case, it’s not legally safe to vape– this may lead to the consumption of hazardous pollutants and result in serious health complications.

CBD Oils Used For Vaping

CBD Oils Used For Vaping

An important thing to discuss when talking about vaping CBD is the use of CBD oil for vaping purposes. There is a crucial difference between CBD vape juice and CBD oil. The classic CBD oil tincture is taken orally, but that does not mean it is safe for inhalation. There have been numerous reports of illnesses resulting from vaping CBD oil, mainly associated with vitamin E acetate, a substance often found in CBD vaping products from illicit sources.

There are types of CBD “oils” made safely for inhalation, such as CBD vape juice and CBD cartridges. However, these products do not actually contain any oils.

If you’re not sure whether your oil is safe to vape, check the label for warnings! When looking at CBD vape juice’s label, the main ingredients should include PG, VG, CBD extract, terpenes, and cannabinoids. If your product contains ingredients outside of this list, it’s safe to assume you should not be vaping it.

Vaping CBD Flowers

Most vaping products come in the form of e-juices & CBD cartridges. Aside from these popular vape substances, you can also vape CBD using a flower vaporizer. There are CBD-dominant flowers that you can vape; however, they will likely provide a less potent effect than CBD vape juices or cartridges.

You also should consider how these flowers can contain amounts of THC in addition to CBD. If you are not looking to experience the possible effects of a THC high, intense or not, you should stick to CBD vape concentrates.

Effects of Vaping CBD

The first question people ask about vaping CBD products is how it will affect them, specifically if it makes them feel high. The simple answer is no. Like the majority of CBD products, you can enjoy the benefits without having to experience the “high” that comes from vaping THC products.

That being said, some cartridges are hybrids of CBD and THC, so you can get buzzed while reaping the benefits that CBD has to offer. To know the difference, you simply need to read the label of the product you’re using, which should clearly state if the product contains THC.

However, if we’re focusing on strictly CBD-only vape products, you can expect similar effects to other CBD products.

Benefits of Vaping CBD