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Dab Through the Holidays With These CBD Concentrates

Dab Through the Holidays With These CBD Concentrates

2020 has been a ho-ho-horrific year, with canceled flights and CDC recommendations putting most travel plans to a halt. Don’t worry. If you are spending the holidays self-isolating at home, you can still close out the year feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready for 2021. CBD concentrates can be the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who likes a little green (and we’re not talking about Christmas trees.)

What Are CBD Concentrates?

CBD concentrates are any substance that is made by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant. The extraction process makes CBD easier to store, ingest, and preserve for months on end. The resulting product also has a high potency, giving you all of the benefits of cannabis with just a little dab.

CBD concentrates come in many forms, including:





-Live Resin




How Do You Dab CBD Concentrates?

Dabbing has become one of the hottest ways to consume cannabis. This method involves the flash vaporization of potent concentrates. Shatter, wax, and resin are some of the most popular concentrates to dab.

In order to need a dab, you’ll need to hook yourself up with the right gear:

-A dab rig: looks like a water bong, but has room for your nail and dabber

-Nail or e-nail: this heats up to a high temperature in order to vaporize your concentrate

-Dabber: this tool is used to scoop up your concentrate and apply it to the nail

(Want more information on dabbing and how dabs work? Check out our blog.)

Dabbing is one of the ways that you can use concentrates. Depending on the type of concentrate you have and how you prefer to zone out, you can also vape your concentrates. Add them to a joint for a little extra kick. Concentrates like oils or tinctures can be dropped under your tongue for an easy fix. The beauty of concentrates is that they are versatile, and offer a chance to explore cannabis consumption in ways that flower just can’t do.

Will CBD Concentrates Get You High

Will CBD Concentrates Get You High?

CBD itself cannot get you high. THC, a cannabinoid found in marijuana, is the key to feeling stoned. While certain CBD products do contain THC, many manufacturers extract CBD from hemp to reduce THC content (and to stay within state and federal legal limits.) A hemp plant contains less than .03% THC. If you are dabbing a concentrate that comes from organically grown hemp, you won’t get high.

Different Types of CBD Concentrates

There is a lot of terminology surrounding CBD extracts. Use this guide to know the difference about what you’re consuming:

Pure CBD isolate, and concentrates made with pure CBD isolate, contain only CBD and no othe